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“Digital Enthusiasts” Redefining What It Means to Watch TV

Today’s TV viewers want choices. Just like today’s consumers demand customized experiences when it comes to how they get their news, spend their money, or interact with others, we expect to be able to watch our favorite shows or news programs in the medium that we choose, depending on the time of day, our moods, […]

Feeding the Appetite for Great Programming

Consumer thirst for quality and entertaining programming is as high as ever, making the decision of what to watch as difficult as the decision of how to watch.  While TV is still the dominant screen for watching video, streaming via Internet connected devices is rapidly increasing and becoming a norm for many. We saw evidence […]

It’s Pumpkin-Spiced Programming!

[SPOILERS BELOW!] Leaves are falling! The Uggs are coming out! Pumpkin-Spiced Lattes are back! And Fall programming season is upon us. There are so many great cable TV shows, old and new, to get excited about. We managed to narrow our list to six.  Also, for previews of new cable seasons and sneak peeks for shows, don’t […]

Remakes in the Making

Cable programming is inventive, creative and consistently pushing the limits of television. That’s why we love it. But sometimes creativity isn’t inventing something new, but re-imagining the past. There have been some unexpectedly powerful, chilling, and provocative TV series and movies in entertainment history. And since we’re in the midst of a “Golden Age of […]

Comic-Con? More Like Cable-Con!

Some have called it a convening of the greatest creative minds in pop-culture today. Others have called it a nerdy meeting for nerdy nerds. But most call it Comic-Con, the international pop-culture convention held annually in San Diego, California featuring the latest in popular film, television, sci-fi, games, toys, and yes – even comic books. […]

Cable Lowers the Cost of Quality Time

We all know you can’t buy much for a quarter these days. One song on iTunes costs a dollar. So does an average movie rental at Redbox. Reading the newspaper can cost you anywhere from $0.75 – $3.00! Take a look below at the price of a few other popular entertainment outings compared to cable […]

Cable Coverage of the Inaugural

As Washington, D.C. prepares for the historic inauguration of President-Elect Barack Obama next week, cable has stepped up with a host of events and coverage. Naturally, you’ll get wall-to-wall coverage from such news and public affairs stalwarts as C-SPAN, Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN. My colleague Helen Dimsdale offers a look at some coverage from […]