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Industry News

This is What $200 Billion Can Do


December 19, 2013

Since 1996, cable companies have  invested $200 billion on capital expenditures. These investments go directly to improving products, services, and speeds. In 2013 alone, $13 million was invested to build out advanced hybrid fiber-coaxial cable (HFC) networks and other infrastructure. This week’s #BroadData is a look at this steady investment over time. Investment has always been (and…

Broadband & Internet

You Really Like Watching TV, Don't You?


November 15, 2013

People like streaming movies, listening to music, and playing video games online. Groundbreaking, we know. This week’s #BroadData is a quantifiable look at just how all-consuming our passion for entertainment has become. It is, by a wide margin, our favorite thing to do with a broadband connection. So keep watching, listening, and playing. That’s what…

Broadband AdoptionPublic Policy

Understanding Why Some Still Don't Connect to the Internet


November 1, 2013

Cable has made extensive efforts to connect all Americans to the Internet. And while high-speed Internet adoption has rapidly increased in the United States (A recent Pew study reported that in the last decade, broadband adoption has gone from 61% to 85% of American adults ages 18 and older), still too many low-income families remain unconnected and…

Technology & Devices

Who's Really Watching, Creating, and Sharing Online Video?


October 18, 2013

This week’s #BroadData is a sign of the times – more adults are creating, publishing, sharing, and watching online videos than ever before. What was once a social endeavor undertaken mostly by young, digital natives is now becoming a cultural norm. The old 1% rule is slowly looking more like the 27% rule.

Industry News

Cable is Ready for an IPv6 World. Are You?


October 4, 2013

This week’s #BroadData is a look at the end of a limited Internet and the beginning of an endless one. If you haven’t already heard of the end of IPv4, you’re sure to hear more in the future.  Essentially, the number of IP addresses – the unique codes that identify individual Internet connected devices –…

Integration BanPublic Policy

The Integration Ban: A 90% Penalty


September 27, 2013

Yesterday, Congressman Bob Latta (R-OH) and Congressman Gene Green (D-TX) introduced bipartisan legislation to remove the FCC’s integration ban, while maintaining the FCC’s ability to regulate set-top boxes in the future. This is an important piece of legislation for the future of in-home technology and we’ve written about it before on Cable Tech Talk. What…

Industry News

Will Cable Continue to Dominate Primetime Emmy Awards?


September 19, 2013

We’re in the midst of a Golden Age of Television. Cable’s platform gives storytellers the flexibility to take risks and craft imaginative and groundbreaking programming. As a result, cable is home to some of the best television ever created. And today, cable is getting the most recognition at the The Emmy Awards, honoring the very best…