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Technology & Devices

Cable Companies are a lot like Internet Companies


May 2, 2013

From their inception in the 1950’s, cable companies have been fearlessly diving into the latest technology and risking big on the future of information and entertainment. When examined closely, it’s apparent that cable companies have, for the last 60 years, behaved a lot like today’s top Internet companies – always on the lookout for the…

Broaden your Broadband!


March 5, 2013

  Three New Products that Help You Get More Out of Your High-Speed Connection!   Over 97% of Americans have access to broadband Internet at home, and yet most who have access may only be using it to check email, read the news, or stalk an ex on Facebook.  And while those are all noble…

Breaking News: iPad Awesome


February 13, 2013

Canalys reported last week that over 1/3 of all PCs delivered in 2012 were Tablet computers. Of those, about half were Apple tablets – either an iPad or an iPad mini. Let that sink in for a moment. From a market and business perspective, this is staggering. But more importantly (and far more interestingly) this is…

The Cable Show

Diving into the App Pond

May 22, 2012

  As part of The Cable Show 2012, we’re highlighting one of the recent trends in television: the development of apps (for both smartphones and tablets) that deliver, extend and enhance the viewing of TV. We’ve seen apps that create social viewing, apps that let you watch TV on the go and apps that offer…