America’s Competitive TV and Internet Markets

In 1992, 98 percent of American homes relied on cable to watch subscription TV. There were no satellite TV options or telco-provided TV options. There certainly weren’t internet streaming options because, among other reasons, broadband wouldn’t be launched for another four years. It would be a full decade after that before a video streaming service […]

Collaborating Across the Entire Internet Ecosystem to Defeat Botnets

A May 2017 executive order – Strengthening the Cybersecurity of Federal Networks and Critical Infrastructure – tasked the Departments of Commerce and Homeland Security to lead an open and transparent process to identify ways to improve the resilience of the internet and communications ecosystem, and reduce threats perpetuated by botnets, particularly distributed denial of service […]

Cable Networks Lead the Pack for Emmy Nominations

The 69th Primetime Emmy nominations were announced yesterday and once again cable programming is the juggernaut, receiving a total of 315 nominations. HBO alone brought in 110 nominations. Westworld leads the way with the most nominations of any show (22). Ryan Murphy’s latest project on FX FEUD: Bette and Joan was the next most decorated […]

What We All Share On The Day of Action

Tomorrow, a number of internet companies and net neutrality interest groups are participating in a highly publicized “Day of Action”. This was organized in reaction to the FCC proceeding that proposes to reverse the former FCC’s decision to impose heavy internet regulations (Title II) on network providers and return to the highly successful light-touch regulatory […]

Unleashing Connectivity, Entertainment, and Jobs

Over the last twenty years, America’s cable companies have connected its networks to 93 percent of American homes. How did we do it? With the help of thousands and thousands of dedicated, hard working people doing a wide range of jobs. In fact, every single Congressional district in America is home to at least 300 […]

By 2021, Connected Devices will Outnumber Humans Three to One

There’s a good chance last Christmas that you or someone close to you received a virtual assistant like an Amazon Echo or Google Home. These virtual assistants were the most popular gift ordered on at the end of 2016. Powered by a continuous connection to the internet, these gadgets interact with the other internet-connected […]

Twitch and the Draw of Gaming Culture

As broadband speeds have increased, the home gaming experience has benefitted. That combined with improved latency means that gaming is more accessible than ever. In fact, 62 percent of U.S. households include at least one gamer, and the appetite for gaming related content is clearly reflected by the huge success of the website So, […]

Happy World Wi-Fi Day!

Today is World Wi-Fi Day – an opportunity both to celebrate Wi-Fi’s extraordinary success and to ask ‘where does Wi-Fi go from here?’ Since its humble beginnings in the “junk bands” in 1985, Wi-Fi has become an integral part of everyday life, keeping people connected at home, at school, and at the office. For many, […]

Getting to Gigabits

For the better part of two decades, cable internet providers have focused on building, operating, and improving the physical infrastructure that supports high-speed, consumer internet service. Over two decades and four iterations of a technology platform called DOCSIS, cable internet providers alone have invested over $250 billion in private capital to build speed at a […]