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It's Like a New Pair of Digital Pants!


March 27, 2013

Two weeks ago we re-launched the official NCTA website ( with an all-new user interface and a fresh, consumer-friendly look. Many of you let us know how attractive the new site is and how simple it now is to access and share content.

In fact, we were so pleased with the response that we decided that all of NCTA’s digital properties needed a refresh! So today we’re unveiling a new look for Cable Tech Talk, NCTA’s official blog (, and new logos and graphics on the NCTA Twitter feed (@NCTACable), the NCTA Facebook page ( and the NCTA YouTube channel (

At NCTA, we’re in the business of sharing ideas and telling the story of cable. And with these redesigns, we hope that the information and tools that we provide are not only easy to find and easy to enjoy, but easy to share within your network. The new blog represents a big leap towards creating a regularly updated resource that not only delivers the information you need, but serves as a place you visit regularly to get the inside scoop on the cable and broadband industry.

Those of you who are avid second-screeners will especially enjoy our YouTube channel. YouTube is using a new flexible graphic interface that will use our logo and imagery in unique and different ways across all platforms – mobile, tablet, PC, and SmartTVs.

As with everything we produce at NCTA, we want your feedback. What do you think of the new blog? Is there something you would like to see that you’re not seeing now? What more can we do to make sure you have the best cable and broadband knowledge and news?

Enjoy the new blog look, the new social properties, and the new website. And as always, share the content freely!