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The Building Blocks of a Digital America

We sometimes take our connected lifestyles for granted – the ease with which we can stream a championship football game, play our favorite video game against a competitor in Japan from the comfort of our living room, or take an online professional development class to further our careers. But all of this is viable because […]

VR Experimentation, Storytelling in 2016

I’ve heard it said from the mouths of many a speaker and exhibitor here at CES this week: 2016 will be a big year for virtual reality–in journalism, in film, in gaming, for high technology fiends down to the average smartphone user. A panel of pioneers experimenting with groundbreaking VR experiences convened on Thursday morning […]

CES 2016: What We’re Looking Forward To

Buckle up. We’re about to hit four straight days of serious tech. Tomorrow morning, CES, the Consumer Electronics Show, kicks off in a strangely drizzly Las Vegas, Nevada. For those who don’t live and breathe in the digital biome, CES is an enormous technology convention delivering previews and deep dives into the gadgets and ideas […]

What Happened in Streaming Media in 2015?


[VIDEO] NCTA President & CEO Michael Powell on C-SPAN’s The Communicators

NCTA President and CEO Michael Powell appeared on C-SPAN’s “The Communicators” this week. He talked about issues ranging from a lawsuit challenging the FCC’s Open Internet Order, Net Neutrality, the upcoming spectrum auction, set top boxes, and the potential harms of LTE-U technology on Wi-Fi. You can see the full video here: This blog also appeared in CTAM SmartBrief.

Why NCTA Asked 100,000 Americans How They Feel About the Internet

When we talk about the cable industry’s impact on the Internet, we usually highlight things like building broadband networks, increasing Internet speeds, deploying Wi-Fi hotspots and making TV Everywhere a reality. But what we don’t often focus on are things that are less tangible, like how each one of use has an individual relationship with […]

Kids and Technology: Good or Bad?

It’s nearly impossible to find kids these days without phones, iPads or some other electronic device in their hands. Older generations grew up without this kind of connectivity, and many of us can’t help but wonder if this new way of life for children is an advantage or detriment to their growth and maturity. But […]

Cable Honors Military Veterans Year-Round

Today and year-round, thanks to a variety of initiatives launched by operators and programmers, the cable industry joins the rest of the country in showing military veterans how much we value the sacrifices they have made. Through leveraging the influence, reach, and numerous resources within our industry, there are a myriad of efforts that support these individuals who have […]