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Why NCTA Asked 100,000 Americans How They Feel About the Internet

When we talk about the cable industry’s impact on the Internet, we usually highlight things like building broadband networks, increasing Internet speeds, deploying Wi-Fi hotspots and making TV Everywhere a reality. But what we don’t often focus on are things that are less tangible, like how each one of use has an individual relationship with […]

Kids and Technology: Good or Bad?

It’s nearly impossible to find kids these days without phones, iPads or some other electronic device in their hands. Older generations grew up without this kind of connectivity, and many of us can’t help but wonder if this new way of life for children is an advantage or detriment to their growth and maturity. But […]

Cable Honors Military Veterans Year-Round

Today and year-round, thanks to a variety of initiatives launched by operators and programmers, the cable industry joins the rest of the country in showing military veterans how much we value the sacrifices they have made. Through leveraging the influence, reach, and numerous resources within our industry, there are a myriad of efforts that support these individuals who have […]

For Kids and Media Use, How Much is Too Much?

Kids today are often more digitally connected than their parents. We see teenagers taking selfies and immediately posting to their social media accounts, or middle school students using a language app on their phones for Spanish class. But how much media time are kids logging these days, and are they making smart choices with their […]

Live Television Still Reigns Supreme

Remember when the DVR first became a thing? We watched TV with a new sense of wonder, pausing shows whenever we’d get up for a snack, and zapping through those annoying commercials. Then came apps. With the help of Wi-Fi and just one finger tap, TV content now streams directly to our phones and tablets. […]

Valuing the Voices of Experts

Change is easier, and often more effective, when it’s done with you rather than to you. Many times in the past, education reform has come from the top down, without teachers having a voice. We’ll never get “future ready” schools without the active involvement of educators in all aspects of the process. At Cable Impacts […]

Wait, What? People Still Like Watching TV the Traditional Way?

Want a Halloween scare? Get this: In a time when you can watch your favorite scary movies on pretty much any device with a screen, a recent report shows that–gasp–people still tune into TV the old-fashioned way. Ok, so maybe this isn’t as much a spook as it is a surprise for some people, but […]

Cybersecurity Awareness Month a Nod to Everyone’s Role in a Safe Internet

As National Cybersecurity Awareness Month comes to a close, we wanted to reflect on some of the more significant cybersecurity accomplishments of the cable industry both during this month and in general. As the nation’s leading provider of broadband, cable companies have been at the forefront of developing and implementing best practices for identifying and addressing […]

Energy Management Standards in the Works for Cable Operators

We’ve all benefited from the great speed of today’s technological advancements. Television, phones, tablets and the Internet of Things have given us security, convenience and connectivity to our everyday necessities–from getting in touch with someone instantly to receiving and watching the latest news to enjoying smart homes. But a lot rides on how much energy […]

Celebrating “The Language of America”

Can you imagine a world without free speech? While many Americans are proud of their First Amendment, it’s a safe bet that many of us take for granted the free speech that constitutional Amendment ensures. Imagine a world in which authors, bloggers, script writers, producers, directors, poets, songwriters, and other creators of content had to […]