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The Key To A Great Internet Experience is Reliability

Internet access is a vital tool. It brings us information in the blink of an eye for everything from school assignments, to staying in contact with friends and family, or even a night in binge watching The Americans. But it’s only as good as its reliability. Reliability is the key to unleashing all that an […]

Annual Walter Kaitz Dinner Raises Nearly $1.7 Million to Conclude Diversity Week

Last night’s 33rd Annual Walter Kaitz Foundation Dinner concluded another exciting Diversity Week this year in New York City for many from the internet and television family. Together, the industry raised nearly $1.7 million, which not only exemplifies the deep commitment that pay TV creators and internet service providers share for diversity, but the pride that […]

Why NCTA is Now The Internet & Television Association

Today is an important day for the future of NCTA. I’m thrilled to announce that we have officially changed our brand to NCTA – The Internet & Television Association. This new brand will be the association’s formal name in all aspects of our public image and work. So why did we change?  Because we want […]

Coming Together to Prioritize Diversity

Diversity Week is a mere three days away and its shaping up to be a very busy and exciting week in New York City. Every year around this time, the cable industry comes together to formally re-establish its commitment to diversity at all levels across the internet and television world. Various panels, roundtables, awards ceremonies […]

Cable’s Industry-Wide Initiative to Support Veterans Year-Round

One year ago, Mission Media made its debut in the cable industry to support the career and personal development of military veterans across the internet and television arena. As a proud member of Mission Media, NCTA is just one of many organizations that are part of the collective effort to not only recruit veterans to […]

What Generates the Most Internet Traffic in Your Household?

If you live in the average internet household in North America, you likely have multiple connected devices at your fingertips, which you use for a variety of purposes when going online. A new report released by Sandvine gives us a glimpse into our internet usages and patterns inside the home, and how they might differ […]

How Satisfied are Americans with Their Home Internet?

A new survey on home internet provider satisfaction reveals the vast majority of Americans are satisfied with the quality, price, speed, and reliability of their wireline broadband. The internet entertains, informs, and connects. It builds businesses, it improves healthcare, and it drives creativity. In other words, it’s a very busy platform and it has grown […]