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Do Robots Hint at the Future of the Internet of Things?

Robots might always seem to be a concept that’s way off in the future, or conveyed to us as thrilling ideas we see in the big blockbuster movies, but in 2017, many already exist in our smart homes. Amazon’s ALEXA, and Google Home, which are essentially voice-operated assistants, are early forms of robots, awaiting commands […]

Turner Takes on eSports in a Big Way

Packed stadiums. Thrilling matches. World-class players. Chanting spectators. No, this isn’t the World Cup or the Olympics. We are talking about eSports, or in other words, professional competitive video gaming, and it’s been catching CES attendees and the mainstream media by storm here in Las Vegas this week. But first, an introduction for the newbies. […]

What We’re Looking Forward to at CES 2017!

Another New Year, another trip to Las Vegas for CES – the Consumer Electronics Show. Put on by our friends at CTA, the annual technology bonanza is an opportunity for the world peek into the future and see what’s in store for digital devices in 2017 and beyond. On display will be everything from the […]

Number of Original Scripted TV Series Reaches All Time High

If you’re like me, the end of the year means eagerly reading every “best of” list you can get your hands on. This probably also results in your “must watch” list tripling in length. That list might get even longer than usual this year. According to new figures released by FX Networks Research, the number […]

The Numbers Show Cyber Monday is Stronger Than Ever

The turkey and stuffing might all be gone by now, but the online deals generated over the Thanksgiving holiday are still being served. The data is in, with reports announcing that more consumers took to doing their shopping online this Thanksgiving season than ever before. Cyber Monday had its strongest showing in history, with consumers […]

As Technology Evolves, So Does Comcast’s Customer Service Experience

As we press further into the 21st century and as technology evolves, so do businesses and the way they approach customer service. New technology as well as the changing demands of consumers in the digital era has prompted retail businesses to re-think their in-person experience and to redesign their brick-and-mortar stores in order to offer […]

Making Transgender and LGBTQ Storytelling on Television a Priority

Transgender awareness week kicked off earlier this week, with organizations and communities in the internet and television industry paying tribute to transgender people across the country. Diversity is an important component of who we are as an industry and we take pride in reflecting the diverse faces and voices in the programming that we air. […]

How On-Demand Content Has Changed the Way We Watch Television

Cable operators still dominate when it comes to video-on-demand viewing, according to a new report from the Video Advertising Bureau. In a time when more alternative viewing platforms are available to us than ever before, The State of MVPD’s Video-on-Demand 2016 Report, which uses stats reported by Nielsen, found that 54 percent of VOD viewership […]