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#ICYMI: A New Vlog Helping Families Make Smart Media Decisions

There’s always a new app, a fun new show to binge on, and a new way to connect with family and friends. At this point, it’s impossible to always know what your kids are watching or what they’re doing online. But, the good news is that you don’t have to know the ins-and-out to make sure […]

On Promoting Diversity, A+E Networks Walks the Walk

The Walter Kaitz Foundation Fundraising Dinner is the annual gathering of media and entertainment leaders dedicated to recognizing women and multi-ethnic contributions to the cable industry. Now in its 33rd year, the dinner recognizes organizations that have achieved significant milestones in promoting diversity in their workforce and their programming. This year, A+E Networks and the National […]

NALIP: Bringing Latino Content Creators to the Forefront

It’s coming close to that time of year when key players across the media and entertainment world will gather for the 33rd annual Walter Kaitz Foundation dinner, the most prestigious fundraising event in the cable industry. Every year the foundation recognizes organizations that demonstrate an unwavering commitment to diversity. This year, the honors go to […]

Do We Need to Formally Re-Define News for the Digital Era?

Like it has done in almost every aspect of our lives, technology has undoubtedly changed the way we get our news and how we engage with news. Pew’s most recent State of the Media report revealed that 65 percent of people receive their news about the presidential election from digital sources, and more people are […]

Set-Top Box Energy Efficiency Agreement Named ‘Project of the Year’

In 2012, NCTA, along with the Consumer Technology Association, the pay-TV industry, energy efficiency advocates, and device manufacturers created a voluntary agreement to drastically improve the energy efficiency of set-top boxes. Four years later and we can say with confidence that it’s been an enormous success. To date, the agreement has delivered Americans more than […]

Mobile and Social: How We’re Really Getting Our News

Facebook, smartphones and tablets have been around for a long time — long enough to say with confidence that the fact we share news on them isn’t itself news. But what is news is that almost 44 percent of U.S. adults that get their news online are learning about the 2016 presidential election through social […]