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Set-Top Box Energy Efficiency Agreement Named ‘Project of the Year’

In 2012, NCTA, along with the Consumer Technology Association, the pay-TV industry, energy efficiency advocates, and device manufacturers created a voluntary agreement to drastically improve the energy efficiency of set-top boxes. Four years later and we can say with confidence that it’s been an enormous success. To date, the agreement has delivered Americans more than […]

Mobile and Social: How We’re Really Getting Our News

Facebook, smartphones and tablets have been around for a long time — long enough to say with confidence that the fact we share news on them isn’t itself news. But what is news is that almost 44 percent of U.S. adults that get their news online are learning about the 2016 presidential election through social […]

Why TV Everywhere Will Soon Be the New Norm

Summertime is approaching and with it vacations and travel start to ramp up. It’s during these times that taking TV on the go with you is the easiest and most convenient way to stay on top of those programs and live streaming events that you just don’t want to miss. Pay TV providers offer TV […]

More Than Technology: Cable Invests in Our Communities

$1.2 billion. According to a recently released study commissioned by NCTA, that’s how much cable’s video and Internet providers and programmers put toward corporate giving in 2014. The impact that kind of funding has on socially responsible programs is immeasurable, but what does that even look like? Our industry has long been a contributor to […]

Why We Go to SXSW

Once again, NCTA is attending SXSW. We go because we know that one of our most important roles is to find better, more effective ways to tell the story of America’s Internet and television innovators. SXSW is a unique convergence of creative and professional ideas that, in many ways, sets the tone for how the […]

How People Watch Television Today

Do you remember last fall, when the season premieres of some of our favorite shows beckoned for us to find out what would happen next after the previous season’s cliffhanger? Do you remember anxiously trying to get home in time for the start of it, or finding ways to rearrange your schedule around it? Chances […]

The Building Blocks of a Digital America

We sometimes take our connected lifestyles for granted – the ease with which we can stream a championship football game, play our favorite video game against a competitor in Japan from the comfort of our living room, or take an online professional development class to further our careers. But all of this is viable because […]