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On the Go? Watch TV Everywhere

With summer in full swing and millions of consumers heading off to their favorite vacation spot, watching your favorite TV shows is one routine that can now travel with you.  That is if you are taking advantage of the TV Everywhere services that many popular networks and cable providers offer. TV Everywhere, for the uninitiated, […]

Broadband Investment is Making the Internet Infinite

Today’s House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing on “Promoting Broadband Infrastructure Investment” is set to shed light on the incredible investment Internet providers have made in building our nationwide broadband network. Cable has put in over $230 billion into infrastructure since 1996 and it’s not just on maintenance and upkeep. That figure reflects the incredible advances we’ve made […]

See How Chapman Partnership and Comcast Are Closing the Digital Divide

Having broadband Internet access enriches the lives of those who have it. They can stay connected to friends, find health care information, or learn about the history of automobiles. But those who don’t have access are at a disadvantage, unable to access the wealth of information and opportunity found online. The cable industry is committed […]

How Smartphones are Improving the Cable Customer Service Experience

In his recent LinkedIn column, “State of the Cable Industry: How We’re Changing the Stereotype of the Cable Guy,” NCTA President & CEO Michael Powell said that turning around the industry’s customer service reputation is a huge priority and one that companies are committed to, and investing in. We’ve all seen the stories and surveys which underline […]

New Energy Conservation Agreement Reached for Broadband Equipment

Today, NCTA and CEA announced a new voluntary agreement among major equipment manufacturers and companies representing 90 percent of the residential broadband market to improve the energy efficiency of routers, modems, and certain other devices (collectively known as small network equipment, or SNE) that consumers use to access the Internet. You can get the details here, including the full list of signatories, but the […]

How We’re Changing the Stereotype of the Cable Guy

Originally posted on LinkedIn Pulse on June 8th, 2015 The cable industry faces many challenges, but most of them provide exciting opportunities to remake the industry for the Digital Age and better serve the changing desires of consumers. That transformation is now underway. We continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible over our networks, […]

You Really Like Watching TV, Don’t You?

People like streaming movies, listening to music, and playing video games online. Groundbreaking, we know. Take a look at the illustration below for a quantifiable look at just how all-consuming our passion for entertainment has become. It is, by a wide margin, our favorite thing to do with a broadband connection. So keep watching, listening, and […]