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Per Person, What is Cable’s Impact?

Earlier this spring, we published a new report highlighting the tremendous impact of the American cable industry’s investment in broadband networks and TV programming. The report offers an in-depth view of key economic indicators from both a national snapshot down to every congressional district in every state. To help make sense of the numbers, we’ve highlighted […]

Most Americans Satisfied with Home Internet & TV Service

Connectivity has become ubiquitous with our daily lives, making the consumer experience even more important than ever. Given how often we connect, problems that might have been small ten years ago can impact how we work or entertain ourselves. So we’re happy to report that, according to a new poll out from Morning Consult, a […]

How Holograms and Bots Will Change the Way We Learn

What if you could learn physics directly from Albert Einstein himself, albeit via hologram, or get fast, personalized and cost-effective tutoring from a bot who will answer your questions instantly from an app on your phone? Better yet, what if we told you that these scenarios are already in their experimental stages, and preparing to […]

The Near Future is Just Getting Started

Last week, policymakers and technology innovators gathered at The Near Future event in Washington, D.C., where attendees tried out and caught a glimpse of the exciting virtual reality, augmented reality, and technology experiences to come or that are currently in their infancy. The conference may be over, but the Near Future is just getting started, […]

The Near Future Conference Shows How Far 3D Has Come

During The Near Future conference in Washington, D.C., last week, attendees got an up, close, and personal sneak peek of some of the unique virtual reality and mixed reality experiences that are either in their infancy or coming to a broader market later this year. As exhibitors helped attendees try out the interactive encounters for themselves, […]

The Near Future is Already Here

It was a busy and exciting day at Union Market’s Dock 5 yesterday in Washington, D.C. It was the long-awaited Near Future Event, where NCTA President and CEO Michael Powell explained it best when he said, “We don’t want to look so far ahead that we’re engaged in science fiction. We want to look to […]

The Near Future is Almost Here

Holograms, virtual reality, artificial intelligence; we’ve been talking a lot lately about what life looks like in the near future. And tomorrow, Thursday April 27th, we’re continuing that conversation with a unique half-day event called The Near Future. It’s an invitation-only event specially designed to challenge convention, spark inspiration, and reconsider how we think and […]

We’re Doing Our Part to Grow the Economy

The internet and television industry has long supported and been responsible for the innovation, creativity, and expansion we’ve seen in the media and entertainment space in recent years, one which millions of consumers benefit from every day. But along with this, it’s also played a huge role in providing the economic vitality we’ve seen sprout […]

Tomorrow is on Display at The Near Future Event

We’re about a week out from The Near Future Event, a unique half-day event that will peak into the future of some exciting technologies that are on the cusp of transforming our lives. The April 27th event at Union Market’s Dock 5 will explore four pillars of human-technology interactivity – the way we LIVE, WORK, […]

The State of Virtual Reality in 2017

In the latest installment of our State of the Industry series, we explore the rise of virtual reality and its predicted growth worldwide as a medium that will touch many aspects of our lives in the next several years, particularly in the media and entertainment landscape. Similar to the advancements we’ve seen in internet speeds, […]