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DTV Transition Weekend: A Look Back

The trends for cable from “DTV Transition weekend” continued into the work week with no major issues on the horizon.  A wrap-up call with our industry-wide “DTV War Room” group at mid-day today found cable engineers mopping-up a few remaining challenges with broadcast station signals in a handful of markets.  By and large, cable customers […]

DTV-Day Plus 36 Hours: What We're Hearing

Reports from the FCC as well as our contacts at cable corporate and field offices indicate that the broadcasters DTV transition has been completed with a minimum of viewer disruption.  The Commission held a news conference on Saturday to say that most TV viewers weren’t affected when more than 900 full-power broadcast stations cut off […]

An Update on DTV "Moving Day"

As we’ve said previously, the cable industry has spent the last few weeks gearing up for today’s culmination of the DTV transition.  And at midday Friday, the transition itself seemed relatively uneventful.  It’s an interesting day in that there’s a “rolling” transition underway, across four time zones. If you put aside time zones and look […]

DTV Transition: One Week Out

When the first group of 600+ over the air stations made the transition from analog to digital broadcast in February, their transition was met with relatively few, and entirely manageable complaints. In exactly one week, the rest of the nation’s full power, OTA stations will make complete the transition, capping an effort that began many […]

The DTV Transition Has Begun

In case you’ve managed to miss the news, tonight at midnight will mark the original DTV transition date, when full power over-the-air broadcast stations were supposed to shut off their analog signal and just broadcast in digital.  According to the FCC, 421 stations will do so tonight.  Since 220 stations have already made the switch, […]

Cable's Plans for a National DTV Transition Call Center

There is a news story in B&C today on a letter we just sent to the Obama transition team: DTV Transition Call Center Would be Ready by Feb. 17, says NCTA. As the story notes: [President-elect Barack Obama’s] transition team met with industry and government stakeholders in Washington last month to get a status report […]

Broadcast, cable… What’s the difference?

There are adults today who have never known a world without cell phones, color television or ATMs. These are people who have had cable television all of their lives (not to mention Internet access, DVRs, DVDs, and so on for a shorter period of time). This actually presents significant challenges to the cable industry. To […]

Cable’s Response to the Consumers Union

On Thursday, NCTA responded to the Senate Commerce Committee in regards to a Consumers Union complaint about cable’s migration to a digital platform. The CU has questioned the impact of our migration on the simultaneously occurring digital transition for broadcast signals. In the letter, we sought to specifically address the Consumers Union allegations that our migration is […]

More DTV confusion

As the Feb. 17 date gets closer, we not only see more coverage of the DTV Transition, we also get more confusion about what the transition is and what it is not. For our part, the cable industry has run an extensive consumer education campaign to alert cable and non-cable viewers about the changes coming […]