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Wednesday General Session Kicks off Last Day of the Cable Show

The final day of the 2012 Cable Show kicked off this morning with the last general session. To get the session started, Piers Morgan sat down for a one on one interview with Conan O’Brien to discuss his move away from traditional television to an online media empire.

Noting that Conan’s online following dwarfs that of Tonight Show host Jay Leno, Morgan asked what strategy drives Team Coco. O’Brien, crediting his savvy web team, said the show gets most of the focus, but you have to put a great deal of effort into promotion efforts on social media.

The full interview is fascinating and available for viewing at

Following the O’Brien interview, a sports panel convened to discuss sports programming. Noting that 99.4% of ESPN programming is watched live, the panel discussion explored innovation in sports coverage. That discussion included the possibilities around sports programming for social viewing/media, 3D sports, and creating markets for new sports.

DTV-Day Plus 36 Hours: What We're Hearing

Reports from the FCC as well as our contacts at cable corporate and field offices indicate that the broadcasters DTV transition has been completed with a minimum of viewer disruption.  The Commission held a news conference on Saturday to say that most TV viewers weren’t affected when more than 900 full-power broadcast stations cut off […]

DTV Transition: One Week Out

When the first group of 600+ over the air stations made the transition from analog to digital broadcast in February, their transition was met with relatively few, and entirely manageable complaints. In exactly one week, the rest of the nation’s full power, OTA stations will make complete the transition, capping an effort that began many […]

Court Upholds Cable's Position On Retention Marketing

Regular readers of Cable Tech Talk may remember an exchange between Verizon’s Tom Tauke and NCTA’s Kyle McSlarrow that took place last June.  At issue was an FCC decision into allegations that Verizon had violated retention marketing restrictions and actively tried to prevent customers from leaving only after the customer had put in a request […]

Cable’s Response to the Consumers Union

On Thursday, NCTA responded to the Senate Commerce Committee in regards to a Consumers Union complaint about cable’s migration to a digital platform. The CU has questioned the impact of our migration on the simultaneously occurring digital transition for broadcast signals. In the letter, we sought to specifically address the Consumers Union allegations that our migration is […]

Cable Phone Service Is Tops In JD Power Rankings

While I typically stick to discussions of policy issues, broadband, and emerging technology, when I see some really good news about cable and our ongoing efforts to improve customer service, I have to talk about it. Recently JD Power and Associates released their annual rankings of customer satisfaction with both local and long distance telephone […]