PHOTO BLOG: Live from the San Diego Comic-Con


NCTA’s Julianne Twining is in San Diego this week taking in the sights and sounds of the unabashed fandom, the over-the-top obsession, and the pure weirdness of Comic-Con.

Less a comic book convention and more a pop culture phenomenon, Comic-Con has become the proving ground for fans to show off their passion for their favorite stories and characters. And today, the best stories are on cable. At panel discussions, cable show-runners talk about the creative process and the freedom of television. At booths on the show floor, cable show paraphernalia from Walking Dead and Game of Thrones is sold and traded to covetous collectors. And in the halls, fans dress up – REALLY dress up – like their favorite show characters.

After a day and a half, Julianne has sent back some her favorite pictures. Check them out and see just how passionate fans are for some of the best stories on earth.

Huge displays flocked to by thousands of people:

Huge displays flocked to by thousands of people.

Fans wait in long lines – even sleeping outside for can’t-miss events:

Fans wait in long lines - even sleeping outside for can't-miss events

Syfy Network delivered with a huge display promoting their new show Ascension:

SyFy Prop

A shot from the Behind the Scenes of Science Fiction in TV and Movies panel discussion:


A family takes a photo-op with the Ninja Turtles by the Nickelodeon booth:


Zombie creeping fans out at the Walking Dead booth: