Election Night Coverage on Cable


As with many other issues, cable leads the way in providing comprehensive coverage of the current U.S. presidential campaign. As the results come in tonight, cable will provide a wide variety of choices to follow events as they occur.

The CYNOPSIS newsletter provides a comprehensive list of cable networks who will be providing coverage, which will include (in addition to the usual wall-to-wall coverage from the cable news outfits) BET, TV One, Comedy Central (live one-hour special with Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert), BBC America, HDNet, Current TV, and others. The Wall Street Journal provides some details of the networks’ plans: TV Networks to Boost Glitz for Elections.

User generated content will also play a role. Current TV will include content drawn from Twitter and Digg. NewTeeVee reports something else that sounds awesome:

Instead talking heads blabbing away, it will instead a provide a pulsating map set to a live DJ set by Diplo. Contributions will pop up from users on Digg, Twitter and 12seconds.tv.

Holy smokes.

Contentinople’s Steve Donohue takes a look at how CNN is “reaching next-generation viewers [by] relying on more user-generated content and social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.” Did you know that CNN’s Rick Sanchez has almost 30,000 followers on Twitter?