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What Apps Mean for Your Television Experience

Where’s the remote? What’s on TV tonight? Is it my turn to pick what we watch? It’s such a nice night – why can’t I watch the game out on the porch? These were the questions we’d been asking each other for decades. And then seemingly overnight we all stopped. Why? Because the remote is […]

Zombies Alive and Well on AMC

This Columbus Day weekend was a little more intense than usual. AMC’s The Walking Dead, also known as the most watched cable show in history, premiered its sixth season on Sunday night, to the anticipation and suspense of 14.6 million viewers, according to Nielsen, and upstaging the Giants v. 49ers game, as some early reports indicate. Fans tuned […]

Cable Sweeps Emmy’s with 24 Trophies, 69% of Wins

It was as close to a rout as a Primetime Emmy Awards night could possibly be. With a whopping 24 wins, cable took home the big kudos for being the most awarded platform for television. Broadcast left with 6 wins and online programers like Netflix and Amazon took a shared 5 wins. All told, 69 percent of Primetime […]

After Big Wins at Creative Arts Emmy’s, Cable Looks to Primetime Emmy’s

Last week the Television Academy presented the 2015 Creative Arts Emmy Awards, honoring the many artists and craftspeople behind the scenes who create amazing television experiences. Cable programs captured 59 percent of the Creative Arts Emmy Awards, not only confirming that some of the greatest television is happening on cable, but also acting as a […]

Cable Prepares for Next Week’s Superstar, Pope Francis

The Emmy’s might be coming up this weekend, but Pope Francis is sure to steal the stage as cable’s superstar starting early next week. The Pope will begin his trip to the United States on September 22nd, going through the 27th and will hit Washington, D.C, New York, and Philadelphia. Thanks to our highly connected […]

Choice in Cable Programming Means Diversity, Inclusivity, Flexibility

As temperatures begin to cool, we’re ready for another round of television premieres.  What used to be a tiered premiere schedule with broadcast followed by cable networks is now a year round high-quality television bonanza.  Too busy these next few months while starting that new job? You can catch up on the fourth season of […]

The Real Cost of Amazing Television

When evaluating the value of a product or service, one common measurement is the amount of the purchase weighed against the time spent using the service. When it comes to cable’s video service, this metric is called price per viewing hour.  And at just 25 cents per hour, cable offers among the lowest cost-per-hour form of entertainment available. […]

How to Launch and Grow a New Cable Network

New cable networks don’t pop into existence at random. There’s a process. Cable gives birth to new networks in a variety of interesting ways. There’s the buyout technique, in which one network purchases an existing channel and launches in its place. That’s what happened when Al Jazeera America assumed Current TV’s spot on the channel […]

Drone Technology is Changing the Way We Watch Sports

It’s been a notable year for drones in professional sports as TV networks continue to expand the use of the technology. From golf tournaments to motorcycle races, these unmanned aircrafts are populating the skies of distinguished athletic competitions, giving sports coverage wings it didn’t have before. Back in January of this year, ESPN captured video […]