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Discovery VR is Celebrating the Story that is Earth

Discovery has long been known for telling the story of all that is Earth. And while that core story hasn’t changed, the way the network is telling or will tell that story in the future will only get more intimate, personal, complimentary, and exciting. Launched last August, Discovery VR features content that not only plays […]

Pivot TV: The Network Inspiring Millennials to Social Action

Earlier this year, a documentary called Codegirl aired on Pivot TV and showed the experiences of young girls around the world in their quest to design life-changing mobile apps. The program, however, seemed to serve a dual purpose. One was of course to inform viewers of the various social issues impacting different regions of the […]

How El Rey is Diversifying Television, On and Off the Screen

Have you ever seen Lucha Underground? At a quick glance, you might mistake it for the WWE, but if you take a closer look you’ll come to realize the show stands for a lot more than just wrestling—it’s a mix of cultures, passionate personalities, multiple storylines complete with a bilingual fan base. Taking after the […]

The State of My Industry: Telling the Story of a Live Democracy

Originally posted on LinkedIn Pulse on March 23, 2016 A year ago, I wrote about the state of my industry and proudly reported that while we faced challenges, we were fast at work changing stereotypes, meeting the needs of digital consumers, and playing a central role in the Internet revolution. These things are still true, […]

HBO Initiative Makes Hollywood Careers Tangible for D.C. Locals

The start of March was an exciting time in the nation’s capital for many Veep fans and Julia Louise-Dreyfus aficionados. The HBO Emmy-award winning series was in the District for a week-long shoot, and fans took to Twitter and local blogs to share stories of their celebrity sightings. But the show’s stint in D.C. added […]

Are You Enjoying March Madness the Right Way?

You’ve broken out the brackets and dialed the trash talk to eleven because as of yesterday, you’re in full March Madness swing. In years long past all of this meant rushing home or out to the bar to catch big games. More recently, it’s meant loading up your DVR with piles of games and zooming […]

Is SXSW Becoming an Un-Digital Experience?

We’ve reached a point in conference and event culture where we no longer need to declare full digital integration. It’s assumed there will be a hashtag, it’s assumed there will be an app, and it’s assumed there will be a live stream. Rightfully so as these pieces have long since transitioned from novelty, to accent, […]

[VIDEO] Behind the Scenes of a Presidential Primary

It’s Super Tuesday. The nation is sitting on the edge of its collective seat waiting to find out who will run in the upcoming Presidential election. The act of delivering televised coverage of this near-national political events is an extraordinary challenge, but the 24 hour news networks that cover it make it look easy. We […]

What It Takes to Bring Us Our Favorite Shows

We’re almost two months into 2016, and many of us are anxious for some of our favorite shows to premiere their long-awaited seasons later this Spring. Having gone to CES 2016 for the first time this past January, I can’t help but look at some of the cinematography with a new-found appreciation as an episode […]