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The Real Cost of Amazing Television

When evaluating the value of a product or service, one common measurement is the amount of the purchase weighed against the time spent using the service. When it comes to cable’s video service, this metric is called price per viewing hour.  And at just 25 cents per hour, cable offers among the lowest cost-per-hour form of entertainment available. […]

How to Launch and Grow a New Cable Network

New cable networks don’t pop into existence at random. There’s a process. Cable gives birth to new networks in a variety of interesting ways. There’s the buyout technique, in which one network purchases an existing channel and launches in its place. That’s what happened when Al Jazeera America assumed Current TV’s spot on the channel […]

Drone Technology is Changing the Way We Watch Sports

It’s been a notable year for drones in professional sports as TV networks continue to expand the use of the technology. From golf tournaments to motorcycle races, these unmanned aircrafts are populating the skies of distinguished athletic competitions, giving sports coverage wings it didn’t have before. Back in January of this year, ESPN captured video […]

Why Does Cable Programming Do So Well at the Emmys?

As we mentioned last week, the 67th Primetime Emmy nominations were announced and cable shows are running away with the majority of nominations. This week, we take a closer look at what’s behind this dominance, and why some of the best storytelling and actors come from cable. Let’s start with the clear frontrunner, Game of […]

Cable Dominates Emmy Nominations, HBO Tops List

The 67th Primetime Emmy nominations were announced today and cable programming sits atop the podium with over half of all nominations – 315 of the available 567. Leading the way for cable was (not surprisingly) HBO with 126 noms. The always competitive drama categories were lead by cable hits, taking a large share of the slots. Cable also has a good […]

Veep Star Louis-Dreyfus at SXSW: “Cable is the Wild West”

“We try to do things that seem far fetched for Washington,” Veep star Julia Louis-Dreyfus said yesterday while on a SXSW panel discussing the show’s 4th season (debuting on April 12th on HBO), “but then three months later, it happens.” Louis-Dreyfus’ portrayal of the preposterous upwardly failing (spoiler alert) President Selena Gomez has put another […]

Feeding the Appetite for Great Programming

Consumer thirst for quality and entertaining programming is as high as ever, making the decision of what to watch as difficult as the decision of how to watch.  While TV is still the dominant screen for watching video, streaming via Internet connected devices is rapidly increasing and becoming a norm for many. We saw evidence […]

Comic-Con: Cable Fandom at its Finest

This was my first year attending San Diego’s Comic-Con. I’ve never been into comic books or super heroes and I don’t consider myself a movie buff. Having experienced the Con from afar, hearing stories and seeing pictures, I thought I understood what it was. But now having seen it myself, I discovered it is so […]

PHOTO BLOG: Live from the San Diego Comic-Con

NCTA’s Julianne Twining is in San Diego this week taking in the sights and sounds of the unabashed fandom, the over-the-top obsession, and the pure weirdness of Comic-Con. Less a comic book convention and more a pop culture phenomenon, Comic-Con has become the proving ground for fans to show off their passion for their favorite stories and […]