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Connecting More Americans to the Internet

Today, the internet is essential for education, healthcare, finding a job, and starting a business. To help even more people get online, internet providers across the country are working to provide tools and resources for low-income families to get connected and to overcome the skills gap. Recently, Comcast announced that Internet Essentials, the company’s program to deliver […]

Cable Supports President’s New Broadband Adoption Program

In Oklahoma today President Obama along with The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) will announce ConnectHome, a new initiative with communities, the private sector, and federal government to expand high speed broadband to more families across the country. ConnectHome is designed to shrink the oft-referred to digital divide –the gap between those who […]

Broadband Keeps on Growing

Today the White House released the Four Years of Broadband Growth report and it has a lot of good things to say about broadband in America. In fact, President Obama noted in the report the great progress cable has made in expanding the capability of broadband networks, saying that more than 80 percent of U.S. […]

I Think Your Device Needs Some Broadband

With over half a billion Internet connected devices roaming around America, it’s nice to know there’s enough broadband make all of them sing! Cable has made broadband accessible to 93% of American homes, making sure the average 5.7 devices per Internet connected household isn’t just an expensive (and beautifully designed) paperweight. This week’s #broaddata shares […]

Getting “Everyone On” the Internet

  By: James Assey, NCTA Executive Vice President   In a relatively short period of time, broadband Internet service in the United States has evolved from the exception to the norm.  Over two-thirds of U.S. households subscribe to high-speed Internet services today.  Notably, the pace of broadband adoption in America has been faster than any […]

The Whole Industry at a Glance!

  We’ve been working really hard for the last few months to rebuild our website – to make it more usable, more helpful, and more attractive. We launched earlier this week and we couldn’t be more pleased! So today, instead of bringing you the usual Friday #broaddata point, we’re taking this opportunity to show off […]

Broaden your Broadband!

  Three New Products that Help You Get More Out of Your High-Speed Connection!   Over 97% of Americans have access to broadband Internet at home, and yet most who have access may only be using it to check email, read the news, or stalk an ex on Facebook.  And while those are all noble […]

If I had a Nickel for Every Infrastructure Investment

A consistent observation about broadband costs goes something like this: ‘”Once the cable is laid, companies no longer invest in infrastructure. They just sit back and collect.” Not true! Cable companies invest billions each year in capital expenditures. These investments go directly to improving products, services, and speeds. So this week’s #broaddata is a simple, […]

The Word of the Day is Urbanicity!

They say you learn something new every day. Well, we at NCTA want to help keep that adage true, so we’re teaching you about  Urbanicity! A city’s urbanicity is a numeric indicator of how dense its population is both inside and outside of urban areas. The less dense a country is, the harder it is […]