Way to Go North America!


Some interesting 2012 Internet usage statistics have been moving around the blogosphere this week. One that stood out was that North America has the highest Internet penetration of any region in the world. 78.6% have access.

Kudos to us!

So what are you going to do to use all this Internet? Start a business? How about watch a movie. Or call your Mother. Or maybe you should complete that research paper from 11th grade history that you never turned in.

We know statistics like this can be so helpful in understanding some of the more complex elements of American broadband usage, access, and value. So start looking out for more blog posts, Tweets, and Facebook Updates about the story that data tells us about broadband and cable. You’ll find it along with our new data hashtag, #broaddata

And if there’s a particular piece of broadband or cable data that you’d like to see, you can ask us! We’ll do the best we can to get it to you.