95% of Businesses Report Being Happy with Their Broadband


Electric meterI was pleased to run across a new FCC survey which focuses on commercial broadband service, indicating that the vast majority of respondents are happy with their connection. However, I didn’t see any coverage of these results.

I keep thinking about a post I wrote five months ago, in which I marvel that some people never seem to be satisfied, no matter how much broadband improves or the proliferation of connected devices continues to grow. Any good news about broadband doesn’t seem to get the traction of the not-so-good.

In June, we highlighted an FCC survey entitled “Americans’ perspectives on online connection speeds for home and mobile devices.” That study found that 91% of home broadband users report being satisfied with the speed of their service. Those results were echoed by a report from Leichtman Research Group that came out that same month. Leichtman found that “71% of US broadband Internet subscribers are very satisfied with their current Internet service at home.”

Now, a new post on the FCC’s Blogband blog offers the results of a new survey which focuses on commercial broadband service.  In talking to managers, owners or IT directors at businesses with 5 or more employees, the survey determined that nearly all businesses report having at least one broadband Internet connection.

When looking at attitudes towards broadband service suppliers, 95% of businesses report being very or somewhat satisfied with their current service. In addition, 85% of businesses were not planning to upgrade their service in the next 12 months, citing the adequacy of their current connection.

Of course, this is only the beginning. The cable industry continues to improve the speed and quality of its broadband service and we all need to do more to promote broadband adoption by the general population. But we should also step back on occasion to remind ourselves of the amazing success story that broadband has already become.  The FCC’s latest survey is a nice opportunity to do just that.

I know, moment’s over – back to work.

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