100,000 Cable Wi-Fi Hotspots Make the Internet an “Everywhere Experience”


As Cox Communications joins Cablevision, Comcast and Time Warner Cable in offering its customers free Wi-Fi Hotspots (Cox just announcing 769 new Hotspots in Northern Virginia), it occurs to us that cable has officially provided well over 100,000 Wi-Fi locations nationwide. With these outside-the-home locations, cable customers can freely access high-speed Internet on smartphones, tablets, and laptops in thousands of locations.

Believe it or not, Wi-Fi networks carry more Internet traffic to consumer devices than wireless and wired connections combined[1]. Delivering the freedom to do what we want, where we want, on whatever device we want and still get a super speedy Internet connection has always been the goal of cable broadband providers. Thanks to thousands of accessible Cable Wi-Fi spots like those in Northern Virginia, that goal is a reality.

One of the ways this kind of rapid and inclusive Wi-Fi expansion has been made possible is by the foresight of US government policy makers who saw Wi-Fi’s potential and created new spectrum bands that could be used with minimal government involvement. This policy encourages innovation by allowing anyone to use unlicensed spectrum without a maze of rules and processes. It’s estimated that $50 billion is generated annually by unlicensed spectrum.

By providing easily available Wi-Fi hotspots all around the country, Cable broadband providers are investing big to make the Internet the “everywhere experience” it was always meant to be.

To learn where Cable Wi-Fi hotspots are now, go to www.cablewifi.com, pick your provider, and see where you can go and get free Internet.

[1] Derrived from data in Cisco VNI, Strategy Analytis and the ITU.