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Was Your DVR Used in a DDoS Attack?

This past September, KrebsOnSecurity, a website dedicated to news and information on internet security, was struck by a record breaking denial of service attack. A month later, a similar attack took place against Dyn, an internet infrastructure company. Soon after, NCTA produced a helpful graphic explaining how a DDoS attack like the ones that struck […]

FCC Measuring Broadband Report Delivers High Marks for Cable ISPs

Last week, the FCC released its Measuring Broadband America (MBA): Fixed Broadband Report. The annual analysis looks at consumer fixed broadband performance in the United States by benchmarking connectivity and analyzing how the internet has changed or improved over the last year. The report gave high marks to U.S. ISPs, especially cable-based providers, showing improvements in speed […]

GCI’s 1 GIG Red: Bringing Alaska to the Cutting Edge of Connectivity

What would you do if you had gigabit internet speed in your house? GCI, Alaska’s largest internet service provider, posed this question in 2015 to the residents of Anchorage, Alaska, in a fun contest that had neighborhoods competing to receive gigabit speeds in their homes — a first for consumers in the state. The neighborhoods […]

Good Wi-Fi Makes Happy Internet Users

The latest Morning Consult survey shows that 84 percent of respondents use Wi-Fi when connecting to the internet at home. It seems sort of obvious. How else would the dozens of web devices we’ve all come to rely on connect to the internet? Everything from tablets to smart dog dishes rely on Wi-Fi to stay […]

How GCI is Connecting Arctic Alaska to the Rest of the World

Imagine walking outside of your home knowing that you can’t get to your neighboring town, or even the nearest hospital, without hopping on a plane. That scenario is a reality for a great number of native Alaskans, especially those living in the remote regions of the state. But for many, high speed internet is about […]

A History of Speed as the World Wide Web Turns 25

This week marks the 25th birthday of the World Wide Web. Though there had been networks of computers within research institutions and defense agencies, access was restricted. But on August 23, 1991 CERN opened its network to the public, establishing the World Wide Web. Since then, the internet has grown up quite a bit. In […]

The Data is in and U.S. Internet Continues to Get Faster

For the first time, US broadband download speeds are averaging over 50 Mbps. Ookla, the world-trusted independent source for broadband speed data, released a report earlier this month revealing a huge fixed broadband speed jump. This represents more than a 40 percent increase from this time last year. The three fastest ISPs, as evaluated by […]

Public Wi-Fi Hotspots Hit 500,000

In addition to the Wi-Fi in our homes and offices, cable ISPs also offer secure Wi-Fi networks to customers outside of the home. These hotspots give you the ability to watch movies at the dog park, or get some work done at an outdoor café. And the best part? They’re offered at no extra charge. […]