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Connecting More Americans to the Internet

Today, the internet is essential for education, healthcare, finding a job, and starting a business. To help even more people get online, internet providers across the country are working to provide tools and resources for low-income families to get connected and to overcome the skills gap. Recently, Comcast announced that Internet Essentials, the company’s program to deliver […]

New Data Shows Vast Majority of Evening Internet Traffic is from Streaming Media

Sandvine, a network policy company known for their deep research and insight into internet trends, recently released the 2016 Global Internet Phenomena Report. Among the many revealing broadband stats was one number that crystalizes just how significantly streaming content has changed how we use the internet. According to Sandvine, 71 percent of all evening internet traffic in […]

Why Do We Use Bits to Measure Internet Speed but Bytes to Measure Data?

Have you ever wondered why internet speed is measured in bits per second, but the data itself is measured in bytes? Why is this? Wouldn’t it make more sense if we used the same unit of measurement for both data speed and data volume? For those unfamiliar with the fundamentals of data measurement, this post outlines the distinct differences […]

Happy World Wi-Fi Day!

Today is World Wi-Fi Day – an opportunity both to celebrate Wi-Fi’s extraordinary success and to ask ‘where does Wi-Fi go from here?’ Since its humble beginnings in the “junk bands” in 1985, Wi-Fi has become an integral part of everyday life, keeping people connected at home, at school, and at the office. For many, […]

Next Steps for the 3.5 GHz “Innovation Band”

As demand for mobile broadband spectrum continues to increase and existing resources become more and more congested, the FCC and industry have looked for new ways to share and improve the efficiency of spectrum.  The 3.5 GHz band is poised to become a prime example of innovative, efficient spectrum use, where three types of users—government […]

America’s Internet Speeds Continue to Soar

Every quarter, Akamai releases a State of the Internet Report. This study is a widely accepted third-party evaluation of not just the health of the overall internet, but a comparison of states, regions, and countries’ internet speed, adoption, and security. Earlier this week, Akamai released its 2017 1st Quarter report and it revealed that on […]

How Fast is America’s Internet?

Every year technology gets better. Devices become less expensive, software improves, and of course the internet gets faster. How much faster? According to the latest Akamai State of the Internet Report, the over the last year the peak average internet connection speed in the United States has gone from 67.7 Mbps to 86.5 Mbps. This […]

New Data Reveals Internet and TV’s True Economic Impact

Measuring the economic impact of an industry means calculating all of its angles. It means considering factors like, how much money does that industry invest? How many jobs does it create? How does the industry’s investments affect local economies? In an attempt to put a finger on the remarkable impact internet and television companies make, NCTA, […]