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CommScope Talks on Delivery of Gigabit Speeds

Internet speeds are getting faster and faster every year, and many of us are lucky enough to experience it. With gigabit speeds being offered in more communities, there’s no telling what the future holds, except that technology will only continue to keep pace with consumer demands even in the most remote areas. But what goes […]

Who’s Building the Next Gigabit City?

The gigabit trend in the technology space has been hard to ignore as of late, and Comcast, Cox, Brighthouse, Suddenlink, Mediacom, GCI, and Midcontinent, among others, are leading the charge. More and more providers are deploying gigabit services, some even offering 2-gigabit connections, and reaching customers nationwide. But why do we need gigabit services, and […]

Who Has the Fastest Internet in the World?

The results from the latest Akamai State of the Internet report are in and once again, 10 U.S. states rank among the top 20 fastest Internet territories around the globe. Delaware cracked the top five with an average peak speed of 88.3 Mbps, next to Singapore, Hong Kong, and South Korea. Akamai’s report from the […]

NTIA Data: Internet Usage Is Up Among Unexpected Demographic Groups

Americans are making strides in Internet usage among groups of people who have historically been known for their offline status. According to the latest data from 2015 released yesterday by the National Telecommunications & Information Administration, senior citizens increased their Internet usage from 51 to 56 percent between 2013-2015, while children saw an even larger […]

CEO Rocco Commisso on Mediacom’s 20-Year Success

Twenty years ago, Mediacom founder Rocco Commisso had a vision: to build a company that would provide customers in smaller markets and rural communities with the same level of cable and telecommunications services that their counterparts in the big cities enjoyed. Fast forward through two decades, 22 acquisitions, the Internet surge, and 600,000 miles of […]

Better Technology Is Leading to Lower Costs

Imagine waking up tomorrow and your Internet connection reverted back to the year 2004, when average download speeds were in the single digits. Remember that? No doubt that you would be frustrated waiting 10 minutes or more for a video to download. And the near-total lack of live video streaming would not only provide few […]

Play Your Part in Creating A Better and Safer Internet

I was born in the early 1980s, right on the cusp of the transition from Generation X to the Millennials. This placed me squarely within a unique period in the history of broadband technology: I’ve both never known a time before the Internet, yet also experienced first-hand the growing pains of a burgeoning Internet culture. […]

The FCC Broadband Report You Didn’t Hear About

If you follow broadband policy, you probably know that last week the FCC released its annual Broadband Progress Report (often referred to as the Section 706 Report) in which it concludes (erroneously) that broadband is not being deployed in a reasonable and timely manner. But did you hear about the other broadband report issued by […]

Boy, We Really Love Streaming Media

The East Coast is about to get pummeled by a monster snowstorm. After the messiness of digging out cars and clearing walkways, I’ll be getting down to the real business of surviving a blizzard – binging on TV. First Mr. Robot, then Orphan Black, and after that a little Game of Thrones season 5 refresher to prepare for season 6 in […]