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Play Your Part in Creating A Better and Safer Internet

I was born in the early 1980s, right on the cusp of the transition from Generation X to the Millennials. This placed me squarely within a unique period in the history of broadband technology: I’ve both never known a time before the Internet, yet also experienced first-hand the growing pains of a burgeoning Internet culture. […]

The FCC Broadband Report You Didn’t Hear About

If you follow broadband policy, you probably know that last week the FCC released its annual Broadband Progress Report (often referred to as the Section 706 Report) in which it concludes (erroneously) that broadband is not being deployed in a reasonable and timely manner. But did you hear about the other broadband report issued by […]

Boy, We Really Love Streaming Media

The East Coast is about to get pummeled by a monster snowstorm. After the messiness of digging out cars and clearing walkways, I’ll be getting down to the real business of surviving a blizzard – binging on TV. First Mr. Robot, then Orphan Black, and after that a little Game of Thrones season 5 refresher to prepare for season 6 in […]

Why the FCC is Wrong On Broadband Deployment

In tonight’s State of the Union address, President Obama is likely to highlight the Administration’s success in expanding broadband access for millions of Americans. Yet, according to a document that FCC Chairman Wheeler released last week, in late January the FCC will draw a very different conclusion and find that broadband deployment remains inadequate. Why […]

What Makes for a Good Gaming Experience?

Not into the gaming scene? Seems like there’s never been a better time to find out what all the hype is about. Gaming isn’t what it used to be. Thinking back to 15, 20 years ago, gamers were usually stereotyped as kids who were glued  to their Sega or Nintendo boxes. Fast forward time, and […]

Spotlight: ARRIS Brings Connectivity to Latin America

We talk a lot about the cable industry within the United States, but what about the trends and challenges going on in regions beyond the U.S.? I recently spoke with German Iaryczower, senior vice president of sales at ARRIS for the Caribbean and Latin America regions to find out a little bit about the work […]

Multi-Gig Broadband Over Existing Networks? Absolutely!

In demonstrations this past September, CableLabs, the cable industry’s non-profit research and development organization, showed how existing networks are capable of downstream speeds of 4.6 Gbps and upstream speeds of 800 Mbps. So to the question, “Can cable networks scale and compete with next-gen fiber networks?” the answer is a resounding YES. And it’s being […]

Taking Home Automation To a Whole New Level

Once upon a time, that thermostat on the wall was only for adjusting the temperature. The blinds had to be drawn with a pull-chord. Those lights had to be turned on with a switch on the wall. And that security camera recorded to videotape. But today, these objects could be running through a home automation […]