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Connecting More Americans to the Internet

Today, the internet is essential for education, healthcare, finding a job, and starting a business. To help even more people get online, internet providers across the country are working to provide tools and resources for low-income families to get connected and to overcome the skills gap. Recently, Comcast announced that Internet Essentials, the company’s program to deliver […]

CableLabs’ New Open-Source Solution Could Change the Future of IoT

CableLabs, the non-profit innovation and R&D lab supporting the cable industry, is perhaps best known for developing the technologies that drive cable internet and television. For example, they’re the group responsible for developing DOCSIS, the technology standard capable of delivering gigabit broadband to communities across the country using existing infrastructure. More than just designing the […]

More Viewers Try New Ways to Watch TV

As more and more Americans are taking advantage of streaming video on demand services like Hulu or TV Everywhere apps, television as we know it is being redefined. A big part of that revolution is which screens we use to access these services. While television sets aren’t going away, they’re no longer the only place to watch our favorite shows. […]

New From The Near Future: A Smarter Vision for Healthcare

This past May, attendees at The Near Future in Washington, D.C. were treated to talks from world-renowned technology, innovation, and business experts who presented on how technologies of the future will one day change how we live, learn, work, and play. They brought on stage the latest in virtual reality, augmented reality, holograms and artificial […]

We Can All Agree on the Need for a Balanced Spectrum Policy

In an era of sharply divided views, it’s refreshing to see policymakers of all political stripes line up behind the idea that responding to this country’s mobile broadband needs requires the right balance of licensed and unlicensed spectrum. At a recent Senate Commerce Hearing on FCC nominations, many participants recognized the need for additional spectrum […]

New Data Shows Vast Majority of Evening Internet Traffic is from Streaming Media

Sandvine, a network policy company known for their deep research and insight into internet trends, recently released the 2016 Global Internet Phenomena Report. Among the many revealing broadband stats was one number that crystalizes just how significantly streaming content has changed how we use the internet. According to Sandvine, 71 percent of all evening internet traffic in […]

Voluntary Set-Top Box Energy Agreement Leads to Billions in Energy Savings

Though sometimes it feels like it happened overnight, the digital revolution, the profound shift in how we use technology to connect, learn, and entertain ourselves, took decades. Thousands of cycles of research, development, deployment, and adoption have delivered us an unlimited selection of devices that enable us to do just about anything we can imagine […]

Majority of US Households Use a Streaming Video Service

The emergence of subscription video on-demand (SVOD) has revolutionized the way Americans view television. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and other services put consumers in control of what, when, and where they watch. Within the past few years, SVOD’s have seen a vast increase in popularity. A staggering 64 percent of Americans now have at least […]

Game of Thrones, Breaker of Records

It may not feel like it outside, but the long summer is over and winter is here.  Game of Thrones fans tuned into the show’s eagerly awaited seventh season two weeks ago in record numbers. At 16.1 million live viewers, the episode beat the HBO record for a season premiere. That’s more than the population […]

America’s Competitive TV and Internet Markets

In 1992, 98 percent of American homes relied on cable to watch subscription TV. There were no satellite TV options or telco-provided TV options. There certainly weren’t internet streaming options because, among other reasons, broadband wouldn’t be launched for another four years. It would be a full decade after that before a video streaming service […]