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Cybersecurity Awareness Month a Nod to Everyone’s Role in a Safe Internet

As National Cybersecurity Awareness Month comes to a close, we wanted to reflect on some of the more significant cybersecurity accomplishments of the cable industry both during this month and in general. As the nation’s leading provider of broadband, cable companies have been at the forefront of developing and implementing best practices for identifying and addressing […]

Energy Management Standards in the Works for Cable Operators

We’ve all benefited from the great speed of today’s technological advancements. Television, phones, tablets and the Internet of Things have given us security, convenience and connectivity to our everyday necessities–from getting in touch with someone instantly to receiving and watching the latest news to enjoying smart homes. But a lot rides on how much energy […]

Apps are the Present and the Future of TV

  There is an interesting, but somewhat puzzling debate brewing in tech policy circles right now that poses a basic question: Do we need a new tech mandate to ensure that consumers can enjoy TV content on retail devices? If you take even a cursory look at the consumer experience and rapid transformation of the […]

Taking Home Automation To a Whole New Level

Once upon a time, that thermostat on the wall was only for adjusting the temperature. The blinds had to be drawn with a pull-chord. Those lights had to be turned on with a switch on the wall. And that security camera recorded to videotape. But today, these objects could be running through a home automation […]

CableLabs Report Concludes LTE-U Risks Disrupting Consumer Wi-Fi

Yesterday, CableLabs, the cable industry’s non-profit research and development consortium, published a blog that highlighted an important question that many in the tech policy community are talking about: Does the lack of effective politeness protocols in LTE-U technology risk disrupting consumer Wi-Fi and other devices that rely on unlicensed spectrum? In short, the conclusion was […]

With 2.7 Million Jobs, Cable Industry Boosts U.S. Economy

This summer’s volatility in the U.S. stock market is causing lots of anxiety about the impact of a global slowdown on the U.S. economy. A natural result of this fear is even more scrutiny of U.S. job growth and other domestic economic metrics. That is why we are proud to report that the U.S. cable […]

Software Apps Are Changing How We Watch TV

If competition is the stamp of a healthy marketplace, than premium television competition is more than healthy – it’s downright fierce. Cable, satellite, telco and web streaming services are all fighting for subscribers. We have options for watching TV via linear programming, on demand and DVR viewing, TV Everywhere services and software apps for all of our devices. […]

Internet Security Report Shows Spike in Cyber Threats

The number of DDoS attacks has more than doubled and cyber “mega-attacks” are on the rise, according to a new “State of the Internet Security Report” released by Akamai this week. The report also announced that WordPress, the Internet’s most popular website and blogging platform, had 49 new plug-in and theme vulnerabilities exposed by Akamai […]