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New Steps Unveiled for Preventing Unwanted Robocalls

Earlier today, the FCC’s Robocall Strike Force unveiled some new steps that phone providers are taking to help prevent unwanted robocalls. A robocall is defined as a call with an automatic dialing system or with a prerecorded or artificial voice. The strike force, established earlier this year, includes among others Charter, Comcast, and Cox, all […]

Michael Powell Inducted into the Broadcasting & Cable Hall of Fame

NCTA President and CEO Michael Powell was inducted into the Broadcasting & Cable Hall of Fame last night. The celebration, held at New York’s Waldorf Astoria, was an opportunity for Powell and the nine other inductees to be recognized for their vision, hard work, and commitment to the programming and communications industries. Powell’s decades-long career […]

Building a Better Framework for Business Data Services Regulation

Today, NCTA submitted to the FCC a new model for smart, targeted regulation of Business Data Services (BDS) that draws from the voluminous record in the current proceeding and accomplishes the Commission’s stated goal of preserving and enhancing competition where it exists and regulating rates where it does not. This new framework is far superior […]

Home TV and Internet Equipment is Becoming Much More Energy Efficient

As our lives have increasingly become more connected to all forms of media and we seem to constantly rely on devices or gadgets throughout our waking hours, managing energy consumption has become a significant priority, both from an environmental and economic perspective. The good news for pay TV and internet consumers is that the equipment we […]

Why We Filed for En Banc Review

Today, NCTA joined the American Cable Association (ACA) in filing a Joint Petition for Rehearing En Banc with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit regarding the 2015 FCC order to reclassify broadband internet access service as a common carrier service under Title II of the Communications Act. We don’t celebrate this petition, […]

Moving Forward on “Ditching the Box” not “Unbundling the App”

Yesterday, NCTA submitted a 30+ page filing (plus over one thousand pages of supporting technical specs) that provides additional information requested by the FCC about the open standard-based apps proposal presented several weeks ago by a group of independent programmers, NCTA and pay TV companies. This information supplements our prior efforts, both within the Downloadable […]

An Existing Internet Privacy Plan That Works for Everyone

Almost everyone agrees that the internet is a phenomenal success that has changed our lives in many important and entertaining ways. Superfast networks built and continually upgraded by internet service providers (ISPs) have provided consumers with an exciting platform to find just about any content or experience imaginable. When taking a closer look at why […]

More Than Technology: Cable Invests in Our Communities

$1.2 billion. According to a recently released study commissioned by NCTA, that’s how much cable’s video and Internet providers and programmers put toward corporate giving in 2014. The impact that kind of funding has on socially responsible programs is immeasurable, but what does that even look like? Our industry has long been a contributor to […]

Four Reasons Why the FCC Set-Top Box Proposal Won’t Work

During a time when the worlds of technology, media and television are colliding and undergoing constant change and delivering exciting new services, you would think the government would focus its efforts on areas that truly need fixing. That’s why it is so puzzling that the FCC finds it necessary to propose a complicated and backwards-looking […]