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Setting the Record Straight on Set Top Boxes

Senators Edward Markey (D-MA) and Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) recently repeated a number of claims about the state of the marketplace for video devices and the presumed effects of last year’s STELA Reauthorization Act of 2014 (STELAR) on retail set-top boxes. Regrettably, however, their claims misread the STELAR statute, the impact of changes that were supported on […]

An Update on Our Appeal of the FCC’s Title II Order

Today, NCTA and other petitioners filed our joint legal brief with the D.C. Circuit highlighting the reasons why the FCC’s February 2015 order to subject broadband Internet to public utility-style regulation under Title II of the Communications Act was unlawful. The filing is a must read for those who have been following net neutrality since […]

Cable Supports President’s New Broadband Adoption Program

In Oklahoma today President Obama along with The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) will announce ConnectHome, a new initiative with communities, the private sector, and federal government to expand high speed broadband to more families across the country. ConnectHome is designed to shrink the oft-referred to digital divide –the gap between those who […]

How Smartphones are Improving the Cable Customer Service Experience

In his recent LinkedIn column, “State of the Cable Industry: How We’re Changing the Stereotype of the Cable Guy,” NCTA President & CEO Michael Powell said that turning around the industry’s customer service reputation is a huge priority and one that companies are committed to, and investing in. We’ve all seen the stories and surveys which underline […]

New Energy Conservation Agreement Reached for Broadband Equipment

Today, NCTA and CEA announced a new voluntary agreement among major equipment manufacturers and companies representing 90 percent of the residential broadband market to improve the energy efficiency of routers, modems, and certain other devices (collectively known as small network equipment, or SNE) that consumers use to access the Internet. You can get the details here, including the full list of signatories, but the […]

Unless the FCC Acts, A New Technology Could Disrupt Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is popular. Really popular. 4 billion devices popular. So popular that more broadband data is carried over Wi-Fi than all other platforms combined. But is the miracle of Wi-Fi in jeopardy? It may be because the lifeblood of Wi-Fi – unlicensed spectrum – is potentially at risk by the deployment of a new technology […]

What’s Really In A Gigabyte?

A typical subscriber in North America downloads over 57GB of data each month, but what does that much information look like? Network usage is proliferating exponentially, driven in large part by video streaming, according to the latest Sandvine Global Internet Phenomena Report. The typical subscriber in North America consumes an average of around 57GB of data […]

From Imagine Park: The Future of Better TV

Today, live from Imagine Park, there was no shortage of exciting discussion around continued enhancements to the consumer viewing experience. A roster of guest speakers at the session “Better TV: At the Intersection of UltraHD & OTT” took the audience through a series of intriguing technology demonstrations and a glimpse of the very near future […]

From INTX Talks: The Ballpark Goes Broadband

When you consider that most NFL stadiums are at least 22 years old, it should be no surprise to hear that many sports venues are in the process of receiving major digital overhauls to keep up with new technologies, the demand for connectivity everywhere and the current standards of the modern fan experience. That was […]

Flexible Rules for Drone Technology Will Improve News, Sports, Entertainment

For decades, cable programmers have been delivering incredible content into our homes and onto our mobile devices, bringing their imagination to our screens. In order to enhance quality storytelling, programmers are constantly pushing the envelope in innovative video production techniques. That’s why NCTA, along with the National Association of Broadcasters and the Radio Television Digital […]