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See How Chapman Partnership and Comcast Are Closing the Digital Divide

Having broadband Internet access enriches the lives of those who have it. They can stay connected to friends, find health care information, or learn about the history of automobiles. But those who don’t have access are at a disadvantage, unable to access the wealth of information and opportunity found online. The cable industry is committed […]

Cox Proudly Extends its Commitment to Connect2Compete

Today at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., Pat Esser, President of Cox Communications, reinforced the company’s commitment to closing the digital divide by announcing a two-year extension of their participation in the Connect2Compete program and pledging $15 million in support of the initiative. This program is dedicated to increasing broadband adoption by providing affordable Internet, digital […]

What’s the Future of Learning?

Soon, millions of children will be preparing to start first grade. They come to the classroom having been exposed to tablets, e-readers and smart phones, websites and video games, TV and YouTube and Vine. Today’s first graders inhabit a world that’s very different from what their parents knew at that age. Yet, these kids walk […]

Cable Impacts in So Many Ways

Earlier this week we announced the formation of Cable Impacts, a new foundation leveraging cable’s resources – including its platform, technology and content – in order to empower consumers and enhance communities. The impact cable makes comes from all corners of our industry, from programmers to operators to content creators. Below, we’ve highlighting a few […]

How Digital Learning Day is Making Education Better for All

Today is Digital Learning Day 2014, a day dedicated to sharing new and better ways to engage children in digital learning, making them better prepared for success in college and a career. Schools, libraries, and education centers around the country are taking the Digital Learning Pledge to support the effective use of technology to improve […]

One Click to Be InCtrl

Over the last several months, Cable in the Classroom has rolled out InCtrl, a series of standards-based lesson plans that help 4-8 graders learn about digital citizenship. I’m happy to announce the final lesson in the series is available on the Cable in the Classroom website. There are now seven lessons, each covering a specific digital […]

Spread the Word About Digital Citizenship!

InCtrl, a new initiative launched by Cable in the Classroom, is a series of free, standards-based lessons that teaches digital citizenship. Digital citizenship empowers students to make thoughtful decisions and develop a sound digital foundation for the rest of their lives. It’s a holistic and positive approach to helping students learn how to be safe and secure, as […]

InCtrl: Teaching Digital Citizenship

Cable in the Classroom, the cable industry’s education foundation, has a long history of encouraging the safe, smart and effective use of technology in education. That approach continues today with the entry of a brand new initiative, InCtrl, a series of free, video-based lessons that teach digital citizenship. Digital citizenship empowers students to make thoughtful […]