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Play Your Part in Creating A Better and Safer Internet

I was born in the early 1980s, right on the cusp of the transition from Generation X to the Millennials. This placed me squarely within a unique period in the history of broadband technology: I’ve both never known a time before the Internet, yet also experienced first-hand the growing pains of a burgeoning Internet culture. […]

Redefining Online Safety

More than two decades have passed since the concept of “online safety” first reached prominence in the national consciousness. Our online behaviors and activities, and those of our children, have changed drastically since then. Today, wireless Internet-enabled devices not only allow children to consume media content while on-the-go, but also provide them with the tools […] – Helping Parents with the Changing Media Landscape

Television and the Internet afford anyone virtually unlimited access to information about our world. That world, however, can often be a perplexing place especially for kids, and this limitless supply of information can make it even more complex. One of the most significant challenges any parent faces is deciding how and when to introduce their […]