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As the Senior Director of Digital Strategy, John spends his day online sharing the wide world of cable. If you’ve ever come across one of NCTA's infographics, blogs, or if you follow any of NCTA’s social media accounts, then you’ve seen John at work. He’s the guy making sure cable’s message is digital, accessible, and shareable. When he’s not at work, John can be found riding his bike or delicately arranging the stones, sticks, and plants in his aquarium. He finds both very relaxing.

Pew Reveals Who Isn’t Online and Why

In a blog post last week, Pew Research Center reported on the results of a recent poll on Internet usage. The poll revealed that 15 percent of Americans do not use the Internet, down from 48 percent in 2000. A 2013 poll cited in the blog post offered insight into the most common reason people choose […]

The Future of Wi-Fi Depends on Unlicensed Spectrum

Today, the Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee is holding a hearing on wireless broadband and the future of spectrum policy. We expect the hearing to shed light on the incredible importance of unlicensed spectrum and how the future of gigabit Wi-Fi depends on good spectrum policy. Today, Wi-Fi is the most used broadband medium, handling more data than […]

Wi-Fi and Mobile TV: A RomCom with a Happy Ending?

It’s predicted that in less than two years, the average person will own five Wi-Fi enabled devices and that 86 percent of all in-home broadband usage will be via a Wi-Fi connection. Many of us already have many more than five devices and live in homes where 100 percent of broadband usage is dependent on […]

Broadband Investment is Making the Internet Infinite

Today’s House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing on “Promoting Broadband Infrastructure Investment” is set to shed light on the incredible investment Internet providers have made in building our nationwide broadband network. Cable has put in over $230 billion into infrastructure since 1996 and it’s not just on maintenance and upkeep. That figure reflects the incredible advances we’ve made […]

Cable Dominates Emmy Nominations, HBO Tops List

The 67th Primetime Emmy nominations were announced today and cable programming sits atop the podium with over half of all nominations – 315 of the available 567. Leading the way for cable was (not surprisingly) HBO with 126 noms. The always competitive drama categories were lead by cable hits, taking a large share of the slots. Cable also has a good […]

The Internet of Things Is More Than Just Gadgets

Today, the Internet is primarily a network of computers. We use these computers when we need to communicate with each other, learn something new, or entertain ourselves. But one day the Internet will be more than that – it’ll be a network of things that talk to each other, with us, and with the world. We’ll be […]

Behind the Numbers: Where American Broadband Stands

This week Akamai released their latest State of the Internet report with updated broadband speeds from across the world. The report revealed that three of the top five fastest regions worldwide are US states. Peak broadband speeds in the US increased 31 percent year-over-year to 53.3 Mbps. We highlight average peak connection speeds because Akamai contends it’s a better, more accurate measure of the Internet’s capacity than average connection speed. The map below shows where to […]

Today’s Specials Include Incredible Television

Today, you can watch premium TV with a cable package, through OTT services like Netflix and Hulu, or by buying single episodes and full season passes of your favorite shows on iTunes or Amazon. No matter how you watch it, it’s going to be great content. But if you’re looking for value, the way to go is […]

What is 802.11ac and Why Do We Need to Protect Wi-Fi for It?

It’s expected that by 2020, the world will have 50 billion Wi-Fi enabled devices. Everything from baby monitors and tablets to things we can’t even imagine today will be voraciously feeding off of the wireless broadband in our homes, cafes, and even in our public parks. It’s practically ubiquitous now, but the seemingly magical technology […]