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As the Senior Director of Digital Strategy, John spends his day online sharing the wide world of cable. If you’ve ever come across one of NCTA's infographics, blogs, or if you follow any of NCTA’s social media accounts, then you’ve seen John at work. He’s the guy making sure cable’s message is digital, accessible, and shareable. When he’s not at work, John can be found riding his bike or delicately arranging the stones, sticks, and plants in his aquarium. He finds both very relaxing.

Sunday Isn’t Just the Super Bowl of Football

Super Bowl 50. It has a nice ring to it. It’s the culmination of not only another grueling NFL season filled with highs, lows, hits, and wins, but of the immense efforts of both individuals and of teams. The Super Bowl is the best of the best versus the best of the best and over […]

Boy, We Really Love Streaming Media

The East Coast is about to get pummeled by a monster snowstorm. After the messiness of digging out cars and clearing walkways, I’ll be getting down to the real business of surviving a blizzard – binging on TV. First Mr. Robot, then Orphan Black, and after that a little Game of Thrones season 5 refresher to prepare for season 6 in […]

Are Better Wi-Fi Routers the Trick to 4k Streaming?

They sit dusty, untouched, crammed behind bookcases, slid under couches, forgotten in hallway closets. They don’t have screens, they don’t make sounds, and they don’t have apps. They’re Wi-Fi routers and they’re the unsung heroes, the silent workhorses, of broadband and they deserve a little attention – a little love. Without a good Wi-Fi router […]

The IoT: Turning Things On. And Off. And Then On Again.

With more than 170,000 attendees streaming through 3,631 exhibiting company booths that cover over 2.2 million net square feet of exhibit space at CES, you’ll have to forgive me if my brain (not to mention my feet) turn to mush within a few hours of wandering the show floor. Booths, devices, ideas all seem to […]

The Secret to Great TV is Pretend the TV Doesn’t Exist

Though CES and it’s expansive show floor didn’t technically open until this morning, the Las Vegas Convention Center was busy yesterday with a series of panels on ways to develop and support entertainment on novel platforms via unique partnerships. A surprising theme emerged out of a series of seemingly disparate panels: The secret to creating […]

CES 2016: What We’re Looking Forward To

Buckle up. We’re about to hit four straight days of serious tech. Tomorrow morning, CES, the Consumer Electronics Show, kicks off in a strangely drizzly Las Vegas, Nevada. For those who don’t live and breathe in the digital biome, CES is an enormous technology convention delivering previews and deep dives into the gadgets and ideas […]

What Happened in Streaming Media in 2015?


[VIDEO] NCTA President & CEO Michael Powell on C-SPAN’s The Communicators

NCTA President and CEO Michael Powell appeared on C-SPAN’s “The Communicators” this week. He talked about issues ranging from a lawsuit challenging the FCC’s Open Internet Order, Net Neutrality, the upcoming spectrum auction, set top boxes, and the potential harms of LTE-U technology on Wi-Fi. You can see the full video here: This blog also appeared in CTAM SmartBrief.

INTX is a Social Experience in More Ways than One

It may seem far away, but May 16th 2016, the day INTX  kicks off in Boston, is just around the corner. INTX is the industry’s can’t-miss event, the ultimate coming together of the digital economy’s builders, creators and visionaries. In other words, INTX is an event as much about connections and conversations as it is […]