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As the Senior Director of Digital Strategy, John spends his day online sharing the wide world of cable. If you’ve ever come across one of NCTA's infographics, blogs, or if you follow any of NCTA’s social media accounts, then you’ve seen John at work. He’s the guy making sure cable’s message is digital, accessible, and shareable. When he’s not at work, John can be found riding his bike or delicately arranging the stones, sticks, and plants in his aquarium. He finds both very relaxing.

Top Five Moments at #INTX2016 + VIDEO

With INTX 2016 now in the books, we can sit back and reflect on some of the exiting, surprising, even profound moments that took place this year in Boston. To help put it all in perspective, we’ve pulled our five favorite moments from the show. These are the snapshots that best embody both the spirit of […]

An Interface by Any Other Name…

Over the last ten years there has been an explosion in devices, apps, and content marketplaces, all champing at the bit to deliver ever-improving TV experiences. This revolution has birthed the terms cord-cutter, cord-shaver, and cord never. It’s disrupted the way content is traditionally distributed and completely redesigned the interfaces we use to watch TV. […]

Calling All Entertainment and Technology Rising Stars, We Need YOU!

The roles of technology, entertainment, innovation, and influence are changing every day. INTX, the Internet and Television Expo, is the hub of that change and come May 16th in Boston, INTX will serve as the platform for the most exciting new ideas in these spaces. But we can’t do it alone. And we certainly can’t […]

Ten Years of Streaming Media

Over the last ten years we’ve seen an explosion in streaming media. Faster speeds and improved technology have lead to all-new ways of watching our favorite shows. And we’re able to do it on the devices of our choice via an app marketplace that is expanding every day. It’s an amazing time to be a […]

Are You Enjoying March Madness the Right Way?

You’ve broken out the brackets and dialed the trash talk to eleven because as of yesterday, you’re in full March Madness swing. In years long past all of this meant rushing home or out to the bar to catch big games. More recently, it’s meant loading up your DVR with piles of games and zooming […]

Is SXSW Becoming an Un-Digital Experience?

We’ve reached a point in conference and event culture where we no longer need to declare full digital integration. It’s assumed there will be a hashtag, it’s assumed there will be an app, and it’s assumed there will be a live stream. Rightfully so as these pieces have long since transitioned from novelty, to accent, […]

Why We Go to SXSW

Once again, NCTA is attending SXSW. We go because we know that one of our most important roles is to find better, more effective ways to tell the story of America’s Internet and television innovators. SXSW is a unique convergence of creative and professional ideas that, in many ways, sets the tone for how the […]

[VIDEO] Behind the Scenes of a Presidential Primary

It’s Super Tuesday. The nation is sitting on the edge of its collective seat waiting to find out who will run in the upcoming Presidential election. The act of delivering televised coverage of this near-national political events is an extraordinary challenge, but the 24 hour news networks that cover it make it look easy. We […]

Covering the Coverage: Following C-SPAN on the Campaign Trail

Politics is a little bit like baseball: long stretches of time where seemingly nothing happens punctuated by extreme moments of panic and harried action; small, calculated decisions and acutely prioritized efforts that eventually add up to a win or a loss that could, at any, moment go either way. Where they differ is timing. Baseball […]