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As the Senior Director of Digital Strategy, John spends his day online sharing the wide world of cable. If you’ve ever come across one of NCTA's infographics, blogs, or if you follow any of NCTA’s social media accounts, then you’ve seen John at work. He’s the guy making sure cable’s message is digital, accessible, and shareable. When he’s not at work, John can be found riding his bike or delicately arranging the stones, sticks, and plants in his aquarium. He finds both very relaxing.

INTX is a Social Experience in More Ways than One

It may seem far away, but May 16th 2016, the day INTX  kicks off in Boston, is just around the corner. INTX is the industry’s can’t-miss event, the ultimate coming together of the digital economy’s builders, creators and visionaries. In other words, INTX is an event as much about connections and conversations as it is […]

Apps are Already Revolutionizing TV

Not so long ago, if I wanted to watch my favorite TV show (it was Battlestar Galactica, for the record) I had to make sure I was home in time to catch it live on SyFy. And if I missed it, I had to cross my fingers that there would be a re-run before the […]

INTX Spring Technical Forum Call for Papers is Open!

It isn’t really INTX season until the Spring Technical Forum call for papers begins. The Spring Technical Forum at INTX is the annual high-profile technology event presented by NCTA, CableLabs, and SCTE. It connects industry CTOs, developers, and scientists with leading industry technology ideas. It’s a scientific journal that serves as the industry’s record of breakthrough […]

Multi-Gig Broadband Over Existing Networks? Absolutely!

In demonstrations this past September, CableLabs, the cable industry’s non-profit research and development organization, showed how existing networks are capable of downstream speeds of 4.6 Gbps and upstream speeds of 800 Mbps. So to the question, “Can cable networks scale and compete with next-gen fiber networks?” the answer is a resounding YES. And it’s being […]

Latest Data Reveals Fastest Broadband Regions Worldwide

Though the details have shifted slightly, the headline remains the same: the United States is home to ten of the top twenty fastest Internet regions in the world. According to the latest Akamai State of the Internet report, Washington, D.C. tops the list with the fastest Internet in America with an average peak connection speed […]

Once Again, ISPs Top Investment Heroes Ranking

According the latest Progressive Policy Institute (PPI) report U.S. Investment Heroes of 2015 issued today, ISPs (really, the cable and telecom industry as a whole) are investing more capital into infrastructure improvements than any other industry in America. In 2014, ISPs were the leader as well with $46 billion. In 2015, the number leapt to […]

The Signs of a Strong TV Marketplace

Today, Americans enjoy a highly competitive video marketplace in which video entertainment is no longer confined to the living room TV. We have access to live programming that can stream directly to a tablet, computer, or smartphone. We can purchase and download our favorite shows via multiple services and providers. And we can store our video at home […]

Cable Sweeps Emmy’s with 24 Trophies, 69% of Wins

It was as close to a rout as a Primetime Emmy Awards night could possibly be. With a whopping 24 wins, cable took home the big kudos for being the most awarded platform for television. Broadcast left with 6 wins and online programers like Netflix and Amazon took a shared 5 wins. All told, 69 percent of Primetime […]

After Big Wins at Creative Arts Emmy’s, Cable Looks to Primetime Emmy’s

Last week the Television Academy presented the 2015 Creative Arts Emmy Awards, honoring the many artists and craftspeople behind the scenes who create amazing television experiences. Cable programs captured 59 percent of the Creative Arts Emmy Awards, not only confirming that some of the greatest television is happening on cable, but also acting as a […]