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As VP of Communications & Digital Strategy, Brian manages NCTA’s efforts around media outreach, social media and the group’s websites and digital platforms. He loves TV Everywhere at it enables him to watch his favorite shows from the comfort of his front or back porch.

Why Isn’t Everyone Online?

55 percent of non-internet users say the reason is they do not have any need for it or have no interest in it It’s hard to imagine a time before the internet. Before we had near-instant access to limitless information, streaming entertainment, and the ability to connect to people across the globe. Over the last […]

Why NCTA Asked 100,000 Americans How They Feel About the Internet

When we talk about the cable industry’s impact on the Internet, we usually highlight things like building broadband networks, increasing Internet speeds, deploying Wi-Fi hotspots and making TV Everywhere a reality. But what we don’t often focus on are things that are less tangible, like how each one of use has an individual relationship with […]

Onward, Internet!

We love the Internet. We love how disruptive it is. We love how funny it is. We love how transformative, wild and open it is. As an industry, we’re so proud to be able to bring the Internet to millions of Americans. To say that the Internet has become fundamental in our daily lives is […]

Onward, Internet

We love the Internet. We love how disruptive it is. We love how funny it is. We love how transformative, wild and open it is. So we made it NCTA’s 2014 goal to champion the Internet for what it is: The most important technology since Gutenberg’s printing press. We wanted to do it in a way […]

Shining a Spotlight on Title II

For the last several months, advocates who want the government to have significant control over the Internet have been waging a very public campaign to convince policymakers that the Internet is in shambles and will utterly fail unless we regulate it like a public utility. This campaign has been waged with lots of incendiary rhetoric […]

Should an 80 Year-Old Law Apply to the Internet?

Today is the 80th anniversary of the Communications Act of 1934. The Act was established to regulate telephone, telegraph and radio so that all U.S. citizens could receive basic communication services. It contains seven sections, Title I through Title VII. Title II, the section on common carrier regulation, has been making headlines recently, with some […]

Trimming the Set-Top Box Energy Appetite

Set-top boxes and cable TV service have been synonymous for decades.  After all, set-top boxes are the powerful devices that descramble TV signals, record favorite shows, play on demand movies and run interactive guides that help us discover new programs. Video offerings can be accessed via devices supplied by others like TiVo, Roku and Amazon, […]

Connected TV… Here to Stay

If you’ve been able to keep up with the deluge of announcements so far in 2011 about smart TVs, connected devices, TV Everywhere, content mobility, and many others related to the convergence of the Internet and TV, then you clearly must not have time for eating, sleeping or personal hygiene! The simple fact that it’s […]

Big Boost for Online Viewing

Time Warner and Comcast held a press briefing this morning to provide some details about the much anticipated “TV Everywhere” project that Time Warner Chairman and CEO Jeff Bewkes has been discussing for a few months including during a panel at The Cable Show back in early April.  Joining Bewkes for today’s briefing was Comcast […]