Monthly Archives: October 2011

Some First Impressions of the New USF Reform Proposal

Steve Morris, Vice President & Associate General Counsel of NCTA, gave his first impressions on this week’s USF Reform Proposal. His commentary is also available here. The Chairman, the commissioners and the FCC staff all deserve a great deal of credit for bringing this item to completion.  Universal service and intercarrier compensation are some […]

Getting Universal Service Reform Right for Consumers

Universal Service Fund (USF) reform can be complex, arcane and downright mind numbing. But the subject is vitally important. On October 27th, the FCC will cast a historic vote. Getting it right will advance our communication goals for decades. Getting it wrong will retard competition and innovation. Despite the complexity of detail, there is one […]

Getting America Connected

The cable industry is the largest provider of broadband in America with our high-speed networks available to 93% of U.S. homes. And even though 77 million U.S. consumers are using broadband to communicate, educate and conduct commerce, it’s clear that  simple availability of this game-changing technology isn’t enough of an inducement for some families to […]

Let’s Not Forget How Broadband Happened

Last week, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski gave a speech at LivingSocial’s Washington, D.C., headquarters about the economic impact of broadband. LivingSocial is a great example of a start-up company that has been empowered by broadband, becoming one of the leaders in the social-buying category and transforming the way consumers discover and buy goods and services. […]