Monthly Archives: September 2011

Let’s Be True to Our Principles

In a recent debate on CNBC, my friend Gary Shapiro – head of the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) – said the Obama Administration was “the most anti-business” of his lifetime.  He went on to condemn the large number of proposed regulations and said of regulators, “They don’t care about business or the consequences of the […]

Exhibit Sales Now Open for The Cable Show 2012

Interested in getting a foot in the door with the cable industry? Or you already have your finger on the pulse? Get the exposure that you need by reserving a space on The Cable Show 2012 exhibit floor. The Cable Show annually attracts over 13,000 attendees that represent a diverse range of fields present in today’s cable economy. And we are the one place where you can meet them all in just a period of three days.

Faulty Traditions Should Not Stand in the Way of Needed Reform

For years, the Department of Agriculture Rural Utilities Service’s (RUS) broadband loan program has been repeatedly criticized by independent auditors, members of Congress and others for providing funding to areas where broadband services already existed, or weren’t exactly rural (like suburban golf course communities). Now, a new study, which NCTA commissioned and which was prepared […]

A Remembrance of September 11

As the nation this weekend reflects on the events and aftermath of September 11, 2001, NCTA President & CEO Michael Powell – who had been appointed Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission by President George W. Bush in January of 2001 – shares his reflection of that day: I was a new FCC Chairman and […]

USF Reform an Opportunity for Fiscal Sanity

This summer, Washington boiled over as our government has tried to bring the national debt under control and establish greater fiscal responsibility with the public purse.  While there has been a lot of partisan bickering, all sides accept that we must be disciplined in not allowing government programs to grow unrestrained.  All regulatory agencies have […]

Cable Operators Deliver the Fastest Broadband Speeds

Via a new PC Magazine study, cable has once again shown to deliver the fastest broadband speeds to the most homes across the US.  Cox, Comcast and Charter take the first three spots, with other cable operators not far behind.  As we’ve noted previously, cable broadband is available to 93% of U.S. households, offering speeds […]