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Guest Post: Joining Forces at The Cable Show

Dr. Jill Biden, wife of the Vice President, spoke during the Cable Show general session about Joining Forces, a program she and Michelle Obama created to recognize, honor, and support military families. At the National PTA Convention earlier this month, a National Guard general spoke about the hardships and struggles of military families when loved ones are deployed.

Day Three General Session – More Thoughts on Next Generation Xfinity TV

Amid all that has been written about Brian Roberts buttoned-down and tight-as-a-drum demo of Comcast’s new Next Generation Xfinity TV, I offer these few additional observations. Once again, Roberts have proven to be a surprisingly effective pitchman and presenter, particularly on camera, and seems to be comfortable in that role in a way many CEOs simply […]

Day Three General Session: The Big O

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Oprah Winfrey’s interview with Paula Zahn; shame on me for that.

I should have known Oprah was not going to talk about reach and penetration. She wasn’t going to talk about launch dollars or affiliate fees. She wasn’t even going to talk about advertising revenue or cable households.

She was going to talk about one thing, and one thing only; the power of the Oprah brand.

In fact, right up front when asked by Zahn about the Oprah brand, she prefaced her answer with the admission, “I guess I have to admit it, I am a brand now.”

Day Two General Session – Appropriate Humility

Even though I was already looking forward to the Day Two General Session, featuring the one-on-one conversation between Michael Powell and FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski, I was surprised at how much I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Here were two men clearly at the top of their games, representing a wonderful study of both parallels and opposites: both lawyers, but with different backgrounds and political leanings; one a successful entrepreneur from the private sector now working as FCC Chairman, the other a former FCC Chairman now representing an industry launched by some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world has ever known.

Privacy, Please! Policy Talk Turns To Consumer Privacy

Policy talk turned to consumer privacy at the Cable Show as representatives of the FCC, White House, think tanks and Canoe Ventures came together to discuss the need for privacy protection for consumers.

The Administration and Commission focused on ways to streamline privacy notices, make privacy policies more transparent, implement “do not track”, and identify ways to make privacy easier for customers to understand. Daniel Weitzner of the White House Office of Science and Technology commented that the goal is to allow consumers to understand how their personal information is being collected and used.

Day Two General Session – Digital Bread Crumbs

It’s always befuddled me a little how the worlds of cable ad sales and cable operations seem to sometimes run on parallel tracks. I know I’ve had personal conversations with cable ad sales people here in Chicago, a Comcast town, in which I use the name “Brian Roberts,” only to find it draws some blank stares.

Similarly, some of the most powerful and important people in this industry – namely, the media buyers at some of the biggest agencies in the country– are sometimes unknown to the at-large cable population.

America’s Second Lady, Jill Biden, Thanks Military Families & Cable

The Cable Show’s third day continues.  Following the Paula Zahn interview with Oprah Winfrey, America’s second lady, Jill Biden, addressed the general session. Biden, a blue star mother, has a family member serving in the military.  She has made the mobilization of support for military families a priority during her tenure as America’s number-two wife. […]

Brian Roberts Demonstrates Gigabit Hybrid And Cloud Guide

Rumors have been swirling at The Cable Show about Brian Roberts’ keynote and the new initiative Comcast would be rolling out.  Roberts had several announcements to make and didn’t disappoint. First, Roberts announced that the next step in Project Infinity is to take the information out of the set top box and put it in […]

Oprah Talks With Paula Zahn at the Cable Show

As the final day of the Cable Show gets underway, special guest Oprah Winfrey joined Paula Zahn for a discussion of what it is to be a brand and starting her own television network – the Oprah Winfrey Network. Oprah says they understand the pulse of her audience, and focuses on nourishing that relationship with […]