Monthly Archives: January 2011

Consumers Reaping Benefits of Smart Video Device Revolution

If you were one of the 145,000 visitors to the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show, you couldn’t have swung an iPad without hitting one of the thousands of Internet-enabled “smart” TV and other devices that are transforming the consumer video marketplace. The proliferation of these devices, plus a whole host of new business arrangements between “traditional” […]

Cable Makes Big News At CES

[youtube=] Here’s our major takeaway from January’s Consumer Electronics Show:  Cable + Internet Connected Devices = Revolutionary Stuff. It was impossible to come away from CES without feeling that something seriously exciting is going on around the blending of cable video service with a new breed of video-capable Internet-connected devices. In case you missed it, […]

A Strong Showing in Phone Service Competition

On Tuesday, the FCC released the third Local Telephone Competition report on subscribership to telephony service, both interconnected Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), as well as more traditional telephone lines. Among the findings of the report: In December of 2009, there were 127 million traditional switched access lines in service and 26 million interconnected VoIP […]

News from CES 2011

A new year brings another edition of the CEA’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Traditionally, this has been a “gadget” show, but in recent years, the telecom issues such as video delivery, broadband and voice services have played a larger role. A few news stories related to the cable industry have already emerged this […]

Cable Show 2011 Registration – Now Open

Register early and save $100 off your registration. You can register via our online registration portal or via a  faxed-in form.  By registering early you get a wider pick of hotels in the Cable Show housing block. It’s only by booking a room with us that you get special access to discounted rates, shuttle services […]