Monthly Archives: September 2010

The First Amendment & the Cable Industry: A better way

In the previous segment, we looked at how First Amendment principles manifest themselves in how the Internet should or shouldn’t be regulated.  And I concluded that media – including ISPs – should be able to maximize the value of their services without rules from the government that serve to protect and promote certain speakers.  But […]

CableCARDs on the FCC’s Agenda

The FCC has released its tentative agenda  for its next open meeting scheduled for October 14 (“FCC Tees Up CableCARD Fixes”).  Among the items to be addressed is a revision of the FCC’s CableCARD rules with respect to “video navigation devices” for cable services. The meeting is almost three weeks off, but it’s probably worth […]

The First Amendment & the Cable Industry: The Supreme Court weighs in

As I described in my previous posts, it was cable television’s reliance on an “editorial discretion” model – rather than a “common carrier” model – that resulted in the rapid growth, broad diversity and attractiveness of cable’s program offerings.  Cable operators and policymakers made that choice early on in cable’s development – long before the […]

Connect With The Cable Show

Do you FourSquare, Twitter or Facebook and are looking for ways to connect with other Cable Show 2011 attendees or exhibitors? The Cable Show is on a multitude of social networking platforms and we are here to help you find the contacts you want to make. And if you follow us on any of these […]