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Managing Bandwidth and IP Video

During The Cable Show, industry analyst Leslie Ellis held a discussion with Chief Technology Officers from various cable companies. The panel was called “Road Trip: Mapping Cable’s New-Tech Progression,” and it provided a useful view of forthcoming technology initiatives. One of the themes was about managing the bandwidth of the cable plant. At one point, […]

Cord-cutting: Why All the Hype?

We are now in the midst of a shift of how we consume video. When I was a kid, it was three broadcast networks and a handful of local independents. You had to watch TV shows at the time of their original broadcast. Today, I watch Hulu and I stream Netflix, but I mostly watch […]

Upstream v. Downstream: Managing Bandwidth Efficiently

During The Cable Show last week, one of my favorite panels was a discussion that industry analyst Leslie Ellis had with Chief Technology Officers from cable companies. These are, after all, the folks who actually have to implement technology over cable plant. This year’s panel was called “Road Trip: Mapping Cable’s New-Tech Progression,” and it […]

Cable Tackles Title II (and more)

During The Cable Show last week, Light Reading’s Jeff Baumgartner interviewed NCTA President & CEO Kyle McSlarrow. FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski had spoken earlier that day (coverage here) and so Jeff asked Kyle about proposed Title II regulation of broadband. They also discussed the AllVid NOI and the CableCARD fix (see this previous post for […]

CableCares Project: Hunt.Fish.Feed.

[youtube=] As part of this year’s  CableCares initiatives, Hunt.Fish.Feed volunteers prepared and served meals at the downtown Los Angeles’ Union Rescue Mission. This experience  brought to you by: Michelle Scheuremann, Sportsman Channel

The Cable Show 2010 Co-Chairs – Thank You!

This year’s Cable Show Convention Committee Co-Chairmen were Matthew Blank, Chairmen & CEO, Showtime Networks, Inc. and Glenn Britt, Chairman, President & CEO, Time Warner Cable. Thank you Glenn and Matt for a wonderful Cable Show in Los Angeles!

The Definition of “Television”

Consumers are watching movies on their smartphones and checking voice mail on their television sets, all the while chatting with friends on their computers.  Can any of this be called “television” anymore?  During The Cable Show’s closing general session yesterday, industry heavyweights answered this question from a variety of perspectives. “We’re still defining this as […]

FCC Policy Advisors Talk Title II at The Cable Show

In a late morning session on Wednesday, legal advisors for all five FCC Commissioners discussed the Commission’s regulatory plans.  Sherrese Smith, advisor to Chairman Genachowski, said the Chairman’s “Third Way” approach for grounding FCC authority in the wake of the recent Comcast decision represents a return to a bipartisan consensus about the agency’s proper role […]