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The Cable Show

Let Your Vote Ring Out!

November 23, 2009

The Poll Is Now Closed. It’s democracy, Dalmatian-style: We’re collecting votes from across the industry as we decide what to name The Cable Show 2010 mascot. We’ve received lots of excellent submissions, but only one name will win. So help us decide. And remember: The winner gets a free pass to The Cable Show 2010…

A Cool Drink of Water

November 20, 2009

EDITOR’S NOTE: Earlier this week, we were invited to submit something to Ars Technica on the hot topic of the SOC waiver, addressed previously here. The following day, they followed up with a counter to our thoughts. We’re grateful for any opportunity to continue a meaningful dialogue, so we’re posting our response back. First, I…

Net Neutrality Debate Tonight

November 17, 2009

NCTA’s Executive Vice President, James Assey, will be participating tonight in an Oxford-style debate on net neutrality, presented by Tech Debate as part of Web 2.0 Expo New York. The participants will debate the motion “A network neutrality law is necessary.“ Arguing for the motion will be Professor Tim Wu, venture capitalist Brad Burnham and…

A Reminder of What "Net Neutrality" Is Really About

November 13, 2009

More than a year ago, I put up a post expressing my pleasure about how the “net neutrality” discussion had evolved over time. Specifically, I focused on the comments of Vint Cerf between 2006 and 2008, when he seemed to move from arguing that the Internet must be “open and neutral,” to saying that “the…

Ars Technica, Selectable Output Control and The Eternal Optimists

November 10, 2009

In a blog post last Friday afternoon, NCTA’s Kyle McSlarrow highlighted cable’s support for a waiver of the FCC’s so-called “selectable output control” rule which would encourage movie studios to provide cable subscribers with access to first-run movies much sooner than today’s often lengthy release window. It seems that post has now garnered the attention…

The Path to Getting Greater Choice in Content

November 6, 2009

Over the last decade, we’ve witnessed an amazing transformation in the video marketplace as the ways in which consumers watch video programming has exploded.  Despite the multitude of new options – whether it’s a choice of several different providers or technology like DVRs, VOD, broadband video, mobile video, etc. – the media industry continues to…

Run Your Own ISP

November 6, 2009

Have you ever had trouble with a company and said to yourself, “Even I could run it better!”  Well if that company was your cable or telephone company, now is your chance to prove it. The folks at Cisco (an NCTA member) have put together a fun little game that lets you build your own…