Monthly Archives: September 2009

A Shared Goal to Bring Broadband to All Americans

At a Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies meeting earlier this week, FCC Chairman Genachowski noted that America must measure our broadband progress not only by the ability to extend access to every home, but also by our success in encouraging minority communities, low-income families and under-privileged communities to make broadband part of their […]

Genachowski Proposes New Rules

Yesterday, during a speech at the Brookings Institute, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski proposed new rules that would affect Internet access providers. Saying the FCC must be a "smart cop on the beat preserving a free and open Internet," FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski Monday proposed adding two new Internet access principles to the existing four, and […]

How Should We Best Define "Broadband?"

At a time when our country is developing a National Broadband Plan, it absolutely makes sense to have a single definition of the term “broadband” for regulatory and policy purposes. The FCC announced last month that it was releasing a Public Notice, requesting input on this issue (The FCC’s Carlos Kirjner discussed this in further […]