Monthly Archives: March 2009

CableCares Returns to The Cable Show

After the success of CableCares, we are bringing back CableCares for community service work in Washington, DC. This year’s CableCares initiative will focus on donating time, materials and financial support to help improve Washington, DC schools and the community. In partnership with Comcast, CableCares will leverage the resources of the cable broadband industry and the […]

This Week in Broadband Stimulus Funding

Since this has been a busy week, it seemed like a good time to provide an update on the broadband stimulus implementation process. I’ll refer you back to this earlier video from NCTA President & CEO Kyle McSlarrow and our White Paper; we think a strong broadband infrastructure is a good thing and we think […]

Weather Forecast for The Cable Show ’09

Here’s the weather forecast for Washington, DC during The Cable Show. Unfortunately, it is expected to rain next Wednesday and Friday, but that should not affect many Cable Show attendees as they will be nice and dry inside the Washington Convention Center. Weather Forecast, courtesy of The Weather Channel March 31 Mostly Cloudy High: 61° […]

A Lively Debate About Online Video

I hope you are following the very vibrant debate that’s been taking place over the last week, involving  Boxee CEO Avner Ronen, Chairman of HDNet Mark Cuban and a host of other people about the relationship between free online video and the programming available from multichannel video distributers, such as cable, satellite and phone companies. […]

Sony and Comcast Team Up

This week, Comcast and Sony opened up a joint retail presence in Philly: Sony Style Comcast Labs. Quite a mouthful, but the name reflects its intention, as both retail store and technology lab, to serve as a place for consumers learn about emerging technologies and check out the latest digital devices. Much of it is […]

Are Stories of Cable "Cord Cutting" a Myth?

Stories about “cord cutting” seem to be all the rage right now, but many of them are overlooking some pretty basic – and readily available facts – which suggest that consumers may enjoy online video but they certainly aren’t ditching their set-top boxes by the truckload (just the opposite). But, before getting into some of […]

Moving the Needle on Broadband

Yesterday, NCTA released a new White Paper entitled “Moving the Needle on Broadband: Stimulus Strategies to Spur Adoption and Extend Access Across America,” which we think will provide some helpful perspective on the issue of implementing broadband stimulus funding. It’s a pretty commonly accepted view today that a strong broadband infrastructure is positive for America, […]

CableNET 2009 Announces Participants & Demos

The telecommunications technology future, presented in the present. CableNET, run in partnership with CableLabs® is a showcase found on The Cable Show ’09 Floor for content and services that cable customers may see and experience in the near future. CableNET 2009 participants and their demonstrations: Amdocs will demonstrate how a cable customer can self activate […]