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Hotel Video Tour: Beacon Hotel

Don’t forget to make your housing arrangements with The Cable Show ’09 by Friday, February 27th as the Housing Office will no longer take reservations after this date. [youtube=]

Hotel Video Tour: Fairmont Hotel

Remember, February 27th is the deadline to make a hotel reservation with The Cable Show ’09. Make your hotel reservation today! [youtube=]

Where to Eat While in DC and Other Helpful Tips

In honor of our new blog header, here’s a list of things to make your life easier when you come to DC for The Cable Show ’09. Where to Eat Serious Eats wrote up a great list of places to hit while in DC. Chowhound (DC Metro Area Board) – A local message board where […]

The DTV Transition Has Begun

In case you’ve managed to miss the news, tonight at midnight will mark the original DTV transition date, when full power over-the-air broadcast stations were supposed to shut off their analog signal and just broadcast in digital.  According to the FCC, 421 stations will do so tonight.  Since 220 stations have already made the switch, […]

Coming Soon: Broadband Nation

NCTA’s annual conference The Cable Show is coming up soon. The 58th Annual Convention and International Exposition will be held in Washington, DC in less than seven weeks; you can follow details about the event on the Show’s blog or by following CableShow on Twitter. Today, my colleague Joy Sims has prepared a report on […]

Court Upholds Cable's Position On Retention Marketing

Regular readers of Cable Tech Talk may remember an exchange between Verizon’s Tom Tauke and NCTA’s Kyle McSlarrow that took place last June.  At issue was an FCC decision into allegations that Verizon had violated retention marketing restrictions and actively tried to prevent customers from leaving only after the customer had put in a request […]

NCTA and Free Press Issue Letter on Broadband Stimulus

Yesterday, NCTA President & CEO Kyle McSlarrow and Free Press Policy Director Ben Scott sent a letter to Senate leadership supporting the proposed broadband funding that the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) would oversee, but identifying several areas of the legislation should be refined as work on the stimulus package continues. The letter (posted […]

It’s here! The 2009 NCTA Vanguard Award Winners

We are proud to announce that this year’s winners are: Distinguished Vanguard Awards for Leadership (Man) Rocco Commisso Chairman & CEO Mediacom Communications Corporation Distinguished Vanguard Awards for Leadership (Woman) Nomi Bergman President Bright House Networks Vanguard Award for Cable Operations Management Dinesh Jain President & COO Insight Communications Vanguard Award for Programmers Jim Walton […]

Verizon Challenges DOCSIS 3.0 – They’re Wrong, So Wrong

It’s no surprise that cable operators face competition. That’s a good thing. As we wrote in our 2008 Industry Overview: Competition is the lifeblood of a successful and thriving marketplace, and the cable industry faces stiff competition across all the markets it serves. The consumer is the beneficiary, enjoying more choice, greater convenience and better […]