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One Week Til’ NCTA Tech Papers & SCTE Emerging Tech Abstracts Due

Next Monday, December 1, is the deadline for submitting your abstracts in order to gain the opportunity to participate in the 2009 NCTA Technical Papers™ or the 2009 SCTE Conference on Emerging Technology®, held during Cable Connection – Spring. Helpful Submission Hints To get you going strong, here’s some helpful hints to assist you with […]

Quick Links for Cable Show Registration

As you already know, Cable Show ’09 Registration is Open, and you need to get in now while the getting is still good. To help expedite your registration process here’s a list of quick links that will take you to the information you need fast. Entrance to Online Registration Maps of hotels with Cable Show […]

More Cord-cutting Coverage

For some time, I’ve been noting on my Twitter account the rising tide of people who have decided to cut the cord that ties them to servicing their television needs through cable, satellite or other wired means, instead turning to the Internet to be informed and entertained.  The topic is blowing up now, with Washington […]

DOCSIS 3.0 Hits the Pacific Northwest

Less than a month ago, I wrote about Comcast’s deployment of DOCSIS 3.0 in New England and areas of Philadelphia and New Jersey, following up on the Minneapolis/St. Paul market. I mentioned that they expected to reach more than 10 major markets in the coming months. Here we go: Comcast launches DOCSIS 3.0 in Oregon […]

Why You Should Pay For More Than You Watch

There was a column in the L.A. Times yesterday from David Lazarus entitled: “Let’s pay only for the TV we watch.” So, once again, back we go to the topic of “a la carte” cable service. I get it. It feels like much of the content world is going to a pay-only-for-what-you-want model. Certainly, it […]

Broadcast, cable… What’s the difference?

There are adults today who have never known a world without cell phones, color television or ATMs. These are people who have had cable television all of their lives (not to mention Internet access, DVRs, DVDs, and so on for a shorter period of time). This actually presents significant challenges to the cable industry. To […]

Nominate your best for the 2009 NCTA Vanguard Awards

It’s time again to submit a nomination to honor cable’s best at the 2009 NCTA Vanguard Awards. Last year’s nominees included such luminaries as: Matthew C. Blank, Chairman and CEO of Showtime Networks Inc. and Anne Sweeney, President of Disney-ABC Television Group and Co-Chair of Disney Media who won the Distinguished Vanguard Awards for Leadership. […]

Cable’s Response to the Consumers Union

On Thursday, NCTA responded to the Senate Commerce Committee in regards to a Consumers Union complaint about cable’s migration to a digital platform. The CU has questioned the impact of our migration on the simultaneously occurring digital transition for broadcast signals. In the letter, we sought to specifically address the Consumers Union allegations that our migration is […]

Registration for Cable Show ’09, NOW OPEN!

Registration for The Cable Show ’09 is finally open. Make sure to register before March 06 in order to get in some early savings and to enter the sweepstakes to win a gps unit.  We also have a nifty interactive hotel map (thank you Google!) that can show how far the hotels are from the […]

Using Cable Tech to Teach

We often discuss the use of technology for purposes of entertainment, but it’s important to recognize that it can also be used for educational purposes. Our sister organization Cable in the Classroom, the U.S. cable industry’s education foundation, is dedicated to this mission: To foster the use of cable content and technology to expand and […]