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New DOCSIS 3.0 Deployment

Here we go again, with another trip down Memory Lane… In January, I wrote about Brian Roberts’ CES keynote, in which he talked about wideband.  In the spring, Comcast deployed DOCSIS 3.0 in the Minneapolis/St. Paul market. This week, Comcast deployed wideband service to residential homes and businesses in parts of New England, including the […]

Poll: Session Topics

Thank you to all who answered the poll. The poll is now closed. Which topics would you like to hear at a Cable Show ’09 Management Session? New Technology (IPTV, tru2way, IPG and etc.) 71% Ad Sales 0% Business Services 14% Competition 14% Other 0% A special thank you to for the module.

Speaking Opportunities at The Cable Show ’09

The Call for Speakers opened last Friday. We are looking for people to be one of the many NCTA Management Sessions that will occur during Cable Show ’09. Each session features a panel made up of people from various parts of the cable industry that are informed and have interesting view points. If you would […]

Retail tru2way Hits the Marketplace

Exciting news: Comcast and Panasonic announced today the first retail deployment of tru2way. Specifically, the two companies announced the arrival of the first tru2way VIERA HDTVs at retail outlets in Chicago and Denver and officially declared the tru2way platform active in those two markets. What this means is that you can buy a tru2way TV […]

CableFax Daily interviews Cable Show ’09 Co-Chair, Michael Willner

Michael Willner, CEO of Insight Communications, was recently interviewed by CableFax Daily’s editor, Amy Maclean on the shape of the cable industry and his feelings on Cable Connection. From the article: AM: You’re chairman of The Cable Show ’09. It will be during the inaugural Cable Connection week. How do you think this consolidation of […]

More DTV confusion

As the Feb. 17 date gets closer, we not only see more coverage of the DTV Transition, we also get more confusion about what the transition is and what it is not. For our part, the cable industry has run an extensive consumer education campaign to alert cable and non-cable viewers about the changes coming […]

Cable Show on Twitter

The Cable Show Twitter Stream is back up in full force.  We even added our Twitter Stream to the blog so you can follow what The Cable Show is doing in one central locaton. Join other cable industry shakers and movers and join into our stream or follow us. Do you have a Twitter Stream […]

More on Time Warner and LIN TV

Following up on yesterday’s post about retransmission consent negotiations between Time Warner Cable and broadcaster LIN TV, there are a few additional details. Some blogs had interesting reactions, such as CrunchGear and VideoNuze.  Since I’m not a sports fan, I neglected to note that this past weekend’s football games focused a spotlight on this issue.  […]


NCTA Technical Papers were not the only thing happening in 1959. Alaska and Hawaii were made states, Mowtown Records was founded in Detroit, Barbie Doll was introduced and Twighlight Zone premiered.

More Media Inaccuracies About A La Carte

We can only repeat ourselves on a la carte so many times before our heads burst in frustration. I think we’re one or two posts away from that point, so this may be my last word on the subject. But first, let me explain the reason for my frustration. Rob Pegoraro, the gadget guy at […]