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Debate Coverage on Cable

As a bit of a political junkie, I’m very excited to see the presidential debate tonight. I’ll be watching it on cable, as I watched the conventions on cable previously (Note my earlier post on the cable’s convention coverage).  You’ve got your choice of CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, C-SPAN, Fox Business, and BBC America. But […]

Cable Phone Service Is Tops In JD Power Rankings

While I typically stick to discussions of policy issues, broadband, and emerging technology, when I see some really good news about cable and our ongoing efforts to improve customer service, I have to talk about it. Recently JD Power and Associates released their annual rankings of customer satisfaction with both local and long distance telephone […]

White Space Device Interference and Cable Systems

In a recent GigaOm post, Stacy Higginbotham suggests cable’s concern with white space devices is a response to the new broadband competition they would provide to cable.  Michael addressed NCTA’s ex parte filing earlier this week, but it’s important to understand what has happened in the longer history of the white spaces debate. Cable’s concerns […]

Retransmission Consent and the DTV Transition

Earlier this week, the House Energy and Commerce subcommittee on telecommunications and the Internet held a hearing: “Status of the DTV Transition: 154 Days and Counting.” As a reminder that the Digital TV Transition is about over-the-air broadcast TV stations, one could note some of the issues raised in press coverage. Lawmakers See Challenges for […]

Cable Connection- Spring Schedule

UPDATE: Some minor adjustments were made to the schedule. The schedule is now up to date as of 10/06/2008. Cable Connection- Spring schedule is finally out, though changes may be made it to the closer we get to April 2009. Registration for The Cable Show ’09 and other events will open in November 2008. Call […]

NCTA Ex Parte Letter on White Space Devices

NCTA last week filed an ex parte letter with the FCC regarding the so called “white space” devices and interference with cable systems. While much of the media coverage of these devices has focused on interference with broadcast signals, an often overlooked aspect is the negative impact they can have on cable systems. The good […]

Cable Hope Fund Awards Orgs. With Money Raised from Cable Cares

Congratulations to CableCares for raising over $280,000 to donate to a number of organizations dedicated to helping with Hurricane Katrina efforts.  From their press release yesterday: $100,000 — Hands On New Orleans. This organization was one of the partners for the many school-related projects under CableCares.  This grant will help perpetuate further volunteer rebuilding activities […]

Once more – there are two transitions…

As reported earlier, there was the first major test of the DTV Transition in Wilmington on Monday. Things largely seemed to go well, with a few exceptions. Ironically, since cable was originally built on delivering better reception, people seemed to have had some issues with clear reception of digital television. Here is some of the […]

DTV Transition Test in Wilmington

As you’ve probably read, the Federal Communications Commission chose the Wilmington, NC market as the first test case for the Digital Television transition (Here’s the story from the local paper, the Star-News). The switch was flipped at noon on Monday – a literal giant switch handled by Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo and FCC Chairman Kevin […]