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Cable Programming

Sirius XM Radio Merger and the “A La Carte” Offering

July 30, 2008

Given the FCC approval of the XM – Sirius merger, and the release of the “voluntary commitments and other conditions” that sealed the deal, one natural question that has arisen is “If satellite radio can do a la carte, why can’t cable providers do it?” The answer, of course, is buried in the details. To…

Solving network challenges

July 28, 2008

This Friday, the FCC will hold an Open Meeting and the first agenda item is the complaint by Free Press and Public Knowledge against Comcast. According to an article in the Wall Street Journal today, the agency “will rule that the cable giant violated federal policy by deliberately preventing some customers from sharing videos online…

How to manage network management

July 23, 2008

You may recall last week’s discussion of network management, provoked by our FCC filing. Michael Willner also posted about this issue, which then garnered some interesting comments from the likes of George Ou and Robb Topolski. It’s a good idea to take a look at the whole thing, because it illustrates an important point.  I…

Cable Programming

Cable Makes Emmy Noms History

July 17, 2008

Well, that’s the way it’s being positioned anyway… The Emmy nominations came out today and the historical part was that, for the first time, two basic cable programs (Mad Men & Damages) were nominated for Outstanding Drama Series, along with Showtime’s Dexter.   (Aaron Barnhart also has a rundown at TV Barn.) HBO got 23 nominations…

"Consideration like an angel came..."

July 16, 2008

There’s a very amusing picture painted of NCTA on Ars Technica, literally Shakespearean in nature. “Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more,” cried William Shakespeare’s Henry V in the play so titled. “Or close the wall up with our English dead!” Perhaps in said spirit did the National Cable and Television [sic] Association…

The Cable Show

2008 NCTA Technical Papers

July 14, 2008

2008 NCTA Technical Papers™ are now available to purchase. The publication includes all of the white papers from the speakers featured in NCTA Technical Papers sessions. The book and cd version of the Tech Papers are on sale for $75. You can purchase a book or a cd by downloading a Purchase Form and faxing…

The Media Institute Examines Google

July 11, 2008

Patrick Maines over at The Media Institute’s Media & Communications Policy blog has an interesting post up today about some of Google’s policy positions. He points out that both Google’s position on net neutrality and copyright infringement pose serious First Amendment problems. … as with net neutrality, Google’s posture regarding copyright infringement seems to be…