Monthly Archives: March 2008

Let the Free Market Do Network Managment

The big news today is the deal announced between Comcast and BitTorrent. According to the article in the Wall Street Journal: The companies are in talks to collaborate on ways to run BitTorrent’s technology more smoothly on Comcast’s broadband network, and allow Comcast to transport video files more effectively over its own network in the […]

National Geographic’s Aftermath: Population Zero

This has more to do with cable programming than cable technology or policy, but I thought I’d share it. The National Geographic channel is running a fascinating show this month called Aftermath: Population Zero.  If you’re interested in the impact human’s have on their natural environment – and what would happen to Earth if we […]

The two digital transitions

The country is beginning to hear about the coming Digital Television transition. Unfortunately, there are continuing areas of confusion, even (as pointed out previously) among experts. One of the key points that trip up people is that there are really two transitions. Let’s make one thing clear up front. If you get television from a […]