Monthly Archives: February 2008

Clearing up the DTV Transition

There’s no denying that the Digital Television Transition is a complicated issue. Even those of us who work on it all the time sometimes have difficulty keeping all of the technical details straight. Some people seem confused over whether a box is always necessary to keep watching TV. Here’s one example. Earlier this week, on […]

More DTV News

You’ve heard about those DTV converter boxes that you can get a coupon for. News today that the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) has partnered with the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) on an upgrade of the nine-year-old site, “an online antenna mapping program designed to help users determine the proper outdoor antenna to use […]

Leave network management to the marketplace.

NCTA today filed comments at the FCC in the “Broadband Industry Practices” proceeding in opposition to two petitions (from Free Press and Vuze) requesting that the Commission enact new regulation that would restrict the ability of broadband service providers to manage their networks to provide a better customer experience. To quote from NCTA’s media release: […]

LPTV and the DTV Transition

We’re coming up pretty quickly on the official start to the One Year Countdown to the Digital Television Transition. On the off-chance that the preceding sentence was complete gibberish to you, let me step back and explain. The DTV Transition refers to the coming switch from analog to digital over-the-air broadcast television. Congress has mandated […]

Getting America Connected to Broadband

This series examining the OECD broadband rankings has focused so far on methodology problems with the numbers.  But even despite the study’s flaws, there is a need to discuss the current state of broadband adoption and ways it can be increased. Ensuring every American has access to broadband is a shared goal of industry and […]

Who chooses cable?

CTAM, the marketing association for the cable industry, released a study this week that looked at different consumer segments (particularly ones that are influential in the spread of hi-tech), their technology adoption, the decision-making process, and content viewing behavior. The study drilled in on two influential groups – future shapers and future makers, who collectively […]

The Truth About Japanese Broadband

This week, we’re taking a look at flaws in the OECD broadband study and the problems with relying on it to justify broadband policy changes.  One of the oft cited examples of countries doing broadband “right” is Japan.  Ironically, Japan usually resides just below, or just above, the U.S. in the OECD rankings (in the […]

All Things Being Equal, All Things Are Not Equal

This week, we’re taking a close look at the issues with the OECD broadband rankings that are often cited when the state of broadband availability in the U.S. is discussed.  We started with a look at the problems and inconsistencies with what OECD does and does not consider a subscription – a flaw that excludes […]

The Trouble with Broadband Deployment Statistics

It seems hardly a week goes by without somebody sounding the alarm bell on the “crisis” in US broadband deployment. While we all share the common goal of bringing affordable broadband service to all Americans, it’s unfortunate that the most frequently cited source of broadband deployment – the semi-annual Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development […]