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Lessons from CES

January 17, 2008

There are a few interesting nuggets to mull over from last week’s show. It really did feel like the first time that cable played a major role at CES. Heck, we’re not the only ones in that position; just as Comcast’s Brian Roberts was the first cable executive to address CES, General Motors Chairman and…

Oprah, Apple, and NetFlix, Oh My

January 15, 2008

Here are just a couple of headlines from around the net to get you through the day. Oprah returns to cable (as an owner, that is) under a new deal inked with Discovery. The Discovery Health Channel will be rebranded as the Oprah Winfrey Network and carry “lifestyles-targeted programming.” Said David Zaslav, President and CEO…

Flight of the Conchords Video Now Available

January 14, 2008

The performance by Flight of the Conchords at CES had not been available at Comcast’s CES website. They’ve rectified that and you can now catch Jemaine and Bret in action. Skip to about 12:10 left in the clip.

People are still watching ads

January 11, 2008

FCC Chairman Michael Powell once famously referred to TiVo as “God’s machine.” I wouldn’t go that far, but having a DVR is pretty awesome. Watch when you want, pause live TV, never miss an episode of your favorite series. You collect TV shows, rather than just watching what happens to be on right this second….

Lea... Ving... On A Jet Plane

January 10, 2008

While most of my fellow CES attendees are staked out at the slots trying to get in a little more gambling, I’m staked out on the laptop cropping photos, and trying to get in one last post.  I had been looking for the cool, new toys here at the show and finally found some I…

Watch what you want

January 10, 2008

Even though this is a gadget show, content’s role at CES increases with each successive year. Which makes sense, because most consumers ultimately don’t care about technology, they care about what they can accomplish with it. If you shell out for a new HDTV, what you care about is being to watch compelling hi-def programming….

PC, TV & Cable

January 10, 2008

Remember the PC versus TV debates of years ago? Even back then, I thought the correct answer was “both.” But the differences between the two devices blur more every year and they both end up being a box connected to a monitor that displays content. One trend that’s of interest is the ability to connect…