Monthly Archives: January 2008

Consumer Revolt… or Rejoice?

While every customer service industry deserves intense scrutiny, many pundits have chosen cable as an easy target and use naive (and wrong) analyses to declare that consumers are somehow getting ripped off. In a recent posting touting his new book, Gotcha Capitalism: How Hidden Fees Rip You Off Every Day and What You Can Do […]

Metrics on the state of media

Over at The Progress & Freedom Foundation, they’ve undertaken a new project entitled “Media Metrics: The True State of The Modern Media Marketplace.” The objective is to capture the state of America’s modern media marketplace, so that we can have a discussion based on evidence, assessing such factors as choice, diversity, competition, localism, and so […]

Martha Does VOD

A pretty hilarious moment (for me anyway) occurred on today’s edition of the syndicated television program Martha. During the last segment of today’s show, host Martha Stewart had her guest Sheraton Kalouria, the president of broadcasting for Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, demonstrate how to use Video on Demand. (If you’re somehow unfamiliar with VOD, read […]

NCTA Files Petition for Stay on MDU Order

On Tuesday, NCTA filed a Petition for Stay pending its appeal of an order of the FCC entitled Exclusive Service Contracts for Provision of Video Services in Multiple Dwelling Units and Other Real Estate Developments. As described in the Multichannel News article by Ted Hearn: NCTA sought a stay in the U.S. Court of Appeals […]

Phil Swann at the ET Conference

Phillip Swann of apparently was out at SCTE’s 2008 Emerging Technologies Conference, where he made some observations on the competitive battle between DBS and cable (You can read the release here). In 2008, satellite networks will focus on their strength—their number of high-definition video channels—since satellite lacks the Triple Play, said Swann. This emphasis […]

Taking on a la carte

There are any number of issues that come up all the time in the cable business. And one of them is the pay-per-channel scheme known as “a la carte.” Sure, it sounds attractive. But when people describe what they think they will get under a mandatory a la carte plan, it doesn’t match reality. It […]

Lessons from CES

There are a few interesting nuggets to mull over from last week’s show. It really did feel like the first time that cable played a major role at CES. Heck, we’re not the only ones in that position; just as Comcast’s Brian Roberts was the first cable executive to address CES, General Motors Chairman and […]

Oprah, Apple, and NetFlix, Oh My

Here are just a couple of headlines from around the net to get you through the day. Oprah returns to cable (as an owner, that is) under a new deal inked with Discovery. The Discovery Health Channel will be rebranded as the Oprah Winfrey Network and carry “lifestyles-targeted programming.” Said David Zaslav, President and CEO […]