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General Sessions on C-SPAN

The three General Sessions from The Cable Show will be played on C-SPAN, reports Broadcasting & Cable. C-SPAN, the cable-industry backed public affairs network, says it will air three major sessions from the National Cable & Telecommunications Associaton over the next three Saturday mornings, as well as in prime time on the Memorial Day Weekend […]

Video of wideband demo

As has been mentioned several times already, one of the highlights of The Cable Show this year was the demo of DOCSIS 3.0 technology by Comcast Chairman & CEO Brian Roberts, with the assistance of ARRIS Chairman Bob Stanzione. Now, if you missed it, you can see the video. [youtube=] Links to a sampling of […]

Know your rights

There has been a great deal of discussion this year about distributing content on a variety of platforms, such as a panel on the new consumer experience or a panel on the commercial potential of new platforms. But behind such efforts lie the issue of right management, which was discussed on Wednesday on the panel […]

Fast Modem Makes Big Waves

The wideband demo that Brian Roberts showed on Tuesday, made ripples today in the media. What Roberts showed was a next generation cable modem using the channel bonding features of DOCSIS 3.0 to combine up to four 6 MHz data channels, thus achieving download speeds of up to 160 million bits per second. The demo […]

In closing, VOD and advertising take center stage

The cable industry’s charge for the next 12 months: Make just about every cable network available on demand, and develop an advanced-advertising management system for cable that rivals what’s now on the Internet. Those were the directives issued by Time Warner Inc. President and Chief Operating Officer Jeffrey Bewkes in a spirited conclusion to the […]

Putting DTV on cable

CableNET celebrated its 15th anniversary this year in Las Vegas. As it has in year’s past, this educational technology showcase highlighted a wide variety of next-generation broadband technologies and services that cable operators are expected to deliver to consumers in the near term. One technology popped out at me, since it has some interesting implications: […]

Closing numbers

This afternoon, we released the following projected attendance and exhibitor numbers for The Cable Show ’07. 15,000 attendees 196,000 square feet of exhibit space 389 exhibitors All of these projected figures are on par with last year’s numbers.

CAB puts focus on VOD advertising

“Advertising” and “on demand” seem to be tied at the semantic hip here, as momentum builds for new systems and approaches designed to weave advertising support into cable’s growing video-on-demand business. Panel sessions organized by the Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau included frequent references to on-demand advertising, even when they weren’t ostensibly devoted to the subject. A […]

Tuned In and Totally Wired

Yesterday afternoon, Cable in the Classroom presented a session at The Cable Show featuring a panel of high school students drawn from Clark County-Las Vegas schools and teen media marketing expert, Anastasia Goodstein of Ypulse. At a conference full of cable industry experts and analysts, you may be wondering what these teenagers had to offer […]

More Announcements from The Cable Show

Tuesday, May 8th: 11:45 – 12:30 p.m. John Atanasio, CEO of Art World Television, LLC, announced the premier of the Art Gallery TV channelset for launch later this month on Comcast VOD.  Art Gallery TV will be the first program produced for Art World Television.  Art World Television hopes to provide advertisers and audiences with […]