“Today’s FCC action marks a significant step forward in the vital effort to free up more spectrum for unlicensed use. By enabling higher power, outdoor Wi-Fi operations to share an underutilized portion of the 5 GHz band, Chairman Wheeler and his colleagues have embraced a win-win solution that will help alleviate existing congestion and deliver a substantially faster Wi-Fi experience to American consumers. NCTA joins in celebrating today’s accomplishment and looks forward to working with the Commission, Congress, and other interested stakeholders to craft equally productive solutions in other spectrum bands to help meet the burgeoning consumer demand for unlicensed services.

“We similarly commend the FCC’s pro-consumer action to establish a clear framework for restricting independent, competing broadcasters in a local market from jointly negotiating retransmission consent agreements. As we have long maintained - and as the Department of Justice has confirmed - such coordinated behavior harms consumers by artificially inflating the cost of watching over-the-air broadcast stations on cable systems. By enforcing the ‘good faith’ provisions of the retransmission consent regime, the FCC’s sensible action will help protect consumers from anti-competitive marketplace practices.”