[Background: Congressman Bob Latta (R-OH) and Congressman Gene Green (D-TX) today introduced bipartisan legislation to remove the FCC’s "integration ban", while maintaining the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) ability to regulate set-top boxes in the future. See press release below NCTA statement.]

"We applaud Reps. Latta and Green for introducing this important legislation. This targeted and bipartisan bill will retire an outdated FCC rule – known as the integration ban – that burdens cable consumers and operators with needless costs, wastes energy and violates principles of competitive neutrality. This is common sense legislation that recognizes the significant harms imposed by the integration ban, which since 2007 has forced consumers with leased set top boxes to bear over $1 billion in unnecessary costs. We look forward to working with Members of Congress on this important issue."

Contact: Brian Dietz/Joy Sims (202) 222-2350