"We congratulate AOL-Time Warner on securing FCC approval to close their merger, and we welcome AOL to the cable industry."

"The FCC's conditions must be viewed as AOL-specific; its 24 million U.S. Internet customers comprise nearly half of the domestic Internet market. The ruling did not establish principles that can or should apply to all cable operators, none of whom serve more than two percent of Internet users in the U.S."

"We strongly disagree with the FCC's announcement of a rulemaking on interactive television. To commence a rulemaking -- one that could bind hundreds of companies that have nothing to do with this merger -- is totally unwarranted by the facts. Interactive television has yet to take form as a business. It's regrettable that, in order to break an apparent deadlock over merger conditions, the Commission decided to take this action. As the Commission gains more information about interactive TV, we are confident it will find there is no basis for regulation in this area."