San Francisco, CA:
The Walter Kaitz Foundation—the cable and broadband industry’s diversity organization announced today the launch of several new initiatives that will promote diversity within the industry.

"Six months ago the Kaitz Foundation Board of Trustees created a new role for the Foundation to enhance new and existing diversity initiatives within our industry. Today we announce that new vision: our new Grants Program and our new Diversity Outreach and Diversity Supplier initiatives," said Art Torres, President, Walter Kaitz Foundation.


GRANTS: The Foundation is announcing today its request for proposals. The Foundation will award $500,000 in this first funding cycle. Grant program packets outlining the guidelines and application process are available from the Foundation. Proposals are due March 8, 2002. The purpose of the Foundation’s Grants Program is to further foster its mission by funding creative and unique projects in two areas:

    Community and Resource Development: The Foundation is seeking to fund initiatives that provide the cable and broadband industry with better access to diversity suppliers and entrepreneurs; and provide diversity suppliers/entrepreneurs with the tools to compete effectively within the industry. The Grants program is also seeking to fund collaborative efforts—within the industry, and within communities—that demonstrate and reinforce the importance of diversity.

    Workforce Development: The Foundation is seeking to help organizations/institutions that serve diverse professionals within the industry, enabling these organizations to provide new tools and training to strengthen these professionals their skills and accelerate their career advancement.

DIVERSITY OUTREACH: The goal of this new initiative is to better connect our industry with our nations diverse communities. Through this program the Foundation will enhance the relationships between the industry and these diverse communities by creating forums, tools and resources.

    Diversity Summit
    The Foundation will host the first-ever Diversity Summit in May. The Summit is a closed and intimate exchange between national diverse leaders and Foundation Trustees to share views on diversity and how the cable/broadband industry can enhance our ongoing diversity efforts.

DIVERSITY SUPPLIER: The goal of this new initiative is to create opportunities for diverse suppliers with the cable and broadband industry. This program is designed to provide: 1) Industry Procurement Officers with tools and resource to reach a diverse supplier base; and 2) Diversity Suppliers an opportunity to promote their product/services to our industry as well as to access current industry requests for proposals. The program also includes: workshops to educate both the industry procurement officers and diversity suppliers; networking events to bring together diversity suppliers and procurement officers; and tools and resources. The program also includes:

    Cable Industry Diversity Supplier Day
    The Kaitz Foundation and National Cable & Telecommunications Association (NCTA) will host Diversity Supplier Day at the NCTA Convention in New Orleans on May 7. Diversity Suppliers will learn first-hand from Industry Procurement Officers the processes and guidelines for bidding with their company. Complimentary passes are available only to those suppliers that provide products/services meeting the industry’s current needs.
"As is the case with any new initiatives they will continue to evolve to meet the contemporary needs of our industry and nation," said Mr. Torres.

The Walter Kaitz Foundation is a national organization dedicated to diversity within the cable and broadband industry. For more information, please contact Lorena Hernandez at (415) 749-6980.