Chicago, IL - Nick Davatzes, President & CEO, A&E Television Networks, and Robert Miron, Chairman & CEO, Advance/Newhouse Communications, will serve as the new co-chairs of the Cable in the Classroom (CIC) Board of Directors. As CIC board chairs, they also serve as the co-chairs of the Education Committee of the National Cable & Telecommunications Association (NCTA).

The appointments were jointly announced today by Robert Sachs, President & CEO, NCTA and Peggy O’Brien, Ph.D., Executive Director, Cable in the Classroom.

Davatzes and Miron begin their one-year terms in September 2003, succeeding Judith McHale, President & COO, Discovery Communications, Inc.

Davatzes and Miron will help guide CIC’s revitalized efforts to connect the industry’s technology and content resources with students, teachers and schools in local communities, and to commission new research and projects that explore the educational power of cable’s content and technology.

“Under Judith McHale’s leadership and guidance, CIC refocused its mission, goals and ways of doing business,” said Robert Sachs. “Nick Davatzes and Bob Miron are exactly the right people to help CIC and the industry build on these accomplishments.”

Peggy O’Brien added, “Our new co-chairs have long-standing commitments to education and bring to this work invaluable industry expertise. With their help, and through our member cable and programming companies, we look forward to continuing to bring the power of cable technology and its rich content to kids and local schools.”

CIC represents the cable telecommunications industry's commitment to education - to improve teaching and learning for children in schools, at home, and in their communities. This is the only industry-wide philanthropic initiative of its kind; since 1989, 8,500 cable companies and 39 cable networks have provided free access to commercial-free, educational cable content and new technologies to 81,000 public and private schools, reaching 78 percent of K-12 students. CIC focuses on five essential elements to ensure quality education in the 21st century: visionary and sensible use of technologies, engagement with rich content, community with other learners, excellent teaching, and the support of parents and other adults.