The J.D. Power results show that in a highly competitive market place, cable operators are closing the gap with satellite providers in customer satisfaction. The cable industry’s $75 billion investment to launch advanced broadband services continues to spur construction activity that occasionally can disrupt customer service, yet the fruits of that investment – including the rollout of popular new services such as digital cable, video on demand, HDTV, high-speed Internet access, and competitive local phone service – are evident in consumer adoption of these new products. Survey officials have recognized cable initiatives to bundle new services with core video products, and the recent economic analysis by Bortz Media & Sports Group further validates this trend, showing that cable subscribers have opted to buy more than 34 million units of new digital services, a strong vote of confidence by consumers in cable’s efforts to satisfy customers. In the ultra-competitive marketplace exemplified by this year’s survey, cable companies are ever mindful of the need to drive improvements in customer satisfaction and are working hard to provide more workforce training, better packages of products and services, and 24-by-7 customer care and service to meet this objective.