The following statement can be attributed to Rob Stoddard, Senior Vice President, Communications & Public Affairs, National Cable & Telecommunications Association (NCTA), responding to the death of Dawson P. “Tack” Nail

“Cable joins in mourning the loss of ‘Tack’ Nail. Tack was first and foremost a journalist – ferreting out information to keep us all honest – but he often freely shared with his sources wise counsel honed by years on the beat and tempered by a good heart. Tack’s role as a mentor for young or new telecom reporters was unrivaled in Washington, and his Puckish good humor and fun-loving attitude could be uplifting even in difficult or awkward situations. As a writer and editor, Tack set a high bar for trade and business journalism, and his legacy in that regard will live on. We offer sincere condolences to Tack’s family, his many close friends, and his longtime employer, Warren Publishing, which he helped put on the map with his reporting, professionalism, and presence.”

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