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NCTA's visionary role in entertainment and telecommunications has never been more relevant. Whether it's hosting key industry events or providing a voice for innovation in the industry, cable's leadership can be found anywhere. Get up-to-speed on our latest activities by enjoying the content below.



Michael Powell Headshot

Michael Powell
President & CEO
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Michael Powell Speaking - 2014

Michael Powell
Speaking at the 2014 WICT Conference
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Michael Powell, Dane Snowden, James Assey

Michael Powell, Dane Snowden,
and James Assey

At the 2014 Walter Kaitz Dinner
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Abbe Raven and Michael Powell

Abbe Raven and
Michael Powell

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Michael Powell Speaking - 2017

Michael Powell
Speaking at the 2017 Near Future event
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Michael Powell

Michael Powell
Speaking at INTX 2016
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The Near Future displays

Interactive displays at
The Near Future event
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Near Future stage VR demo

VR demonstration on stage at The Near
Future event
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The Near Future host Kim McNicholas

The Near Future host
Kym McNicholas
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Michael Powell and Kara Swisher

Michael Powell talks with Kara Swisher
of Recode
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The Infinite Internet
The Internet is a platform of possibilities that is powered by robust broadband networks providing constant connectivity at home or on the go. It thrives thanks to openness, broad access, and strong investment. But it didn't happen by accident.

Meet NCTA - The Internet & Television Association
The new NCTA is here. We've changed our look, but our mission remains the same.

The Future is Closer Than You Think

Michael Powell, President & CEO of NCTA gave a moving keynote at the 2013 Walter Kaitz Foundation Dinner.

Michael Powell's Keynote at the 2014 WICT Leadership Conference

Dispelling Broadband Pricing Myths with Professor Daniel Lyons

Capturing All That Cable Offers

America's Greenest Data Center: Take a peek inside Bend Broadband's Internet data centers -- one of the greenest in the country.

Progressive Policy Institute Hosts America's Digital Policy Pioneers: A Conversation with the Leaders Who Made the Internet What it is Today


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