NCTA Foundation


The NCTA Foundation – more formally known as the NCTA Education Foundation – is a 501(c)3 entity affiliated with NCTA - The Internet & Television Association. We aim to create strategic partnerships with other nonprofit organizations working to address societal needs that intersect with the themes of our industry’s approach to corporate social responsibility. These themes include

  • the forward looking development of technology and all that it makes possible for consumers,
  • economic and community development especially among underserved populations, and
  • the development of America’s youth.

We want to act as a catalyst for these organizations by helping them develop new programs, or expand existing ones, and by highlighting how needs can be addressed by leveraging resources intrinsic to our industry, such as broadband Internet access and/or content use and creation.

Mission Statement

The NCTA Foundation is dedicated to community development and, through strategic funding support and partnership activities, provides opportunity for individuals, especially America’s youth, to grow and prosper in today’s digital world. The foundation seeks to support organizations and projects that leverage broadband-related technology and services to meet community needs.

Staff Contact

Dave Pierce, Executive Director

For any questions regarding the activities of the NCTA Foundation, please contact Dave Pierce at [email protected].

Please note the NCTA Foundation does not encourage unsolicited requests for partnerships or funding.