Statement of NCTA – The Internet & Television Association Regarding the D.C. Circuit Order in 6 GHz Appeal

“NCTA is gratified that the D.C. Circuit has upheld virtually all of the Federal Communications Commission’s 6 GHz Order. Because of the Commission’s unanimous, bipartisan 6 GHz Order, U.S. consumers will soon have greater access to next-generation Wi-Fi technology to meet their rapidly growing need for broadband internet access. The Commission’s carefully crafted technical rules ensure that these new technologies, which are already entering the marketplace, can flourish without causing harmful interference to licensed users in the band. The Court’s decision on the Commission’s 6 GHz Order, while seeking further explanation of one narrow issue, is a victory for consumers, businesses, and the U.S. economy. We hope and expect that the Commission will promptly clarify the single limited issue on remand.”